With So Many Types of SEO, Which is Best?

There are so many types of SEO services that it can be quite confusing for the business clients and website owners to choose from. Online marketing firms seem to have come up with new services in their bid to entice more clients and amaze them with such. However, such offerings will not work unless they are customised to meet the goals of your online promotions.

Discussion with Consultants

Usually, the firms would tell you that they will let you discuss your requirements and aspirations for your website with their expert SEO consultants. Think of it as a brainstorming session wherein you will formulate comprehensive strategies to position the website in your target market, increase its visibility, and boost its traffic for you to profit from your site. All these strategies will always have customer loyalty, brand awareness, and sales development at their core to ensure that you will have increased ROI.

Typical SEO Services

During the consultation, online firms usually offer the following:

  • Audit. The consultants will check your site, monitor it, and assess all the changes that will help optimise it.
  • Content optimisation. Content should be developed for the readers’ benefit, not the search engines. The firm should review and change your content for easier search engine bot indexing, without forgetting that they should be informative and relevant to your business. This is how good user experience is ensured, as per Google’s guidelines.
  • Blog posting. This solution is more about producing optimised blogs that talk about  your products and services. It could be a technical description or a review of your offerings to the market. If they are done well, they can gain the attention of the web users and turn them into potential or actual customers.
  • Article submission. This is almost like blog posting, although it is more about comprehensive writing. It is more formal than the casual tone used  in blogging. However, both services can be used to directly talk to the customers and lead them to your website.
  • Image optimisation. Not all the images that you use on your website can be seen by visually challenged web users. They might not even be crawled by search engine spiders.  This is why experts can optimise your images and get them indexed to help you get a good ranking in the search engine page results.
  • Directory submission. This is one of the oldest types of SEO services that still work now. That is, if you ensure that your content will be submitted to relevant categories. This can help broaden the visibility of your website online since website owners and webmasters often source some of their content from reputable directories.
  • Link building. This is among the most effective off-page optimisation techniques that you can still use now. Links are established from another site to yours through your blog posts, profile, forums, image posts, blog commenting, and articles. With this method, web users who are interested in your products or services can simply click on your link and be redirected to your website.
  • Social media marketing. This is considered as one of the rising stars among all the SEO methods that can be used these days because of how search engines are giving more attention to social media. If you don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account, you’re losing so many opportunities to get a better ranking, not to mention to establish a platform for a direct communication with your market.
  • Mobile SEO. Considering how there is an increasing number of people who are now using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to access the Internet, your website should be accessible through mobile search engines too, such as Google’s.
  • Multilingual optimisation. If you want to expand your business worldwide, multilingual solutions will make your site more accessible to international customers.
  • Location-based referencing. Users will be provided information about local businesses or services.
  • ECommerce solutions. These are services designed for eCommerce sites, which are meant to help boost relevant traffic and sales.

Which Is The Best?

If you are keen on knowing which is the best SEO service among the ones mentioned above, there is no definite answer to that. What is more important is what your website needs, what your marketing goals are, and what solutions can reach out to your market more. For instance, social media marketing might be the best approach for a company selling the latest gadgets, seeing how the market of a younger generation would spend more time in their social media accounts. Everything should be customized to your website’s needs. The best among these types of SEO service is also one that is in full compliance with the search engine guidelines and one that is developed ultimately for the users.

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