Happy New Year – A Delayed Post

You may have realised we are now three months into the new year 2016. We have been so busy ranking websites and developing internet breaking idea’s that we have forgotten to update our website in this period. This is the first chance we have had to update our blog.

What we have been doing:

  • Working on our local ranking strategies and coming up with a system that works.
  • Creating an international ranking strategy that will work across the board.
  • Having more content wrote.
  • Website development projects.
  • We are also working on some custom theme projects that we will be launching soon.

What is to come?

I am busy working on a local SEO training course for small businesses. It will be a monthly subscription process; I will log in and update the latest techniques and strategies that I have seen working while working on our local sites.

What’s the benefit to you? Well, a lot of smaller business don’t have the income to support a £500 per month spend on an online marketing campaign for six months. You gain the control to do what we would be doing within that budget within your own time; you could even have your staff login and do this.


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