Why Focus on Social Media for Your 2015 SEO Campaign

Why Focus on Social Media for Your 2015 SEO Campaign

In 2010, social media signals are among the important factors that affect a website’s ranking in Google, according to Matt Cutts. This meant that the more likes and followers you earned in your social media account, the more chances you’ll have of rising in the search results. Search engine optimisers, inbound marketers, and other marketing people put more emphasis on gaining a wider following on social media, even buying some followers in the process. However, a significant change happened in January 2014, when Cutts officially announced that Google no longer considers the social signals. This means that you have to change the direction of your SEO promotion too, if you were initially focused on social media.

Cutts said that Twitter and Facebook pages are already considered as regular web pages in the search engine index. They will send bots to crawl it and take the results into consideration to come up with the appropriate search results. However, the constantly changing number of followers and likes on these social media platforms makes it even more challenging for Google and other search engines to keep up with the changes and consider them in the search results ranking. Instead, they just study the on-page elements of the pages that they can crawl.

Now, you don’t have to focus as much on the followers and likes on social media. Instead, you should put all your effort into optimising your website and posting on the sites regularly. These are the social signals that are picked up by the search engine bots. The more crawl-able content you have, the more authoritative that social media page will be and the higher you will rank in the search results. We can help you figure these things out. We can also change your social media profile to include a keyword-rich description or bio and increase your rankings even further.

You’ll know whether the social media aspect of your SEO campaign is working if you type your company name in Google and notice how the search results will also include your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles. If you want to cater to the people who are already curious about your company, improving your online visibility through social media would pay off.

Why Focus on Social Media for Your 2015 SEO Campaign

Creative ideas to boost your social media marketing

Boost Your Marketing With Social Media

To some people, the concept of social media marketing can be likened to rocket science. However, it really isn’t that difficult to come up with creative ideas that will boost your social marketing. The following are some suggestions.


Social media contests

People like winning. Create a chance for them to win. Introduce a social media contest where consumers have to guess what a particular object is. Provide a kind of reward to increase motivation. A beer company once posted a picture of one of their 20 beers in a clear mug. They asked the audience what type of beer it was and said the right answer would win a free 6 pack. They told their consumers that a hint was on their website and then provided the link. This gave the business two unique advantages: free traffic and a boost in their online following.


User Based Decisions

Your business makes decisions every single day. What products do you need to stock? How many hours will that take? Should you introduce a new product or service? You probably end up making these decisions without thinking to ask your consumers. What was the most important lesson you learned in your marketing class? Listen to the consumers. Social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and twitter are great platforms to interact with your consumers. Post a picture and ask them what they think. The thrill is even greater for them when there are 2 or more products to choose from. You can start with something simple like ‘red vs. white’ and see what your consumers say. They like to be involved in this kind of decision making.


Caption this…

This one is a fun way for your consumers to begin interacting with you.  You can post a picture related to your business and tell fans to post the first thing that comes to mind. Adding a little motivation like ‘the funniest comment will win a free T-shirt’ can also boost your following. At the end of all of it, you will end up with a fun game that involves all your consumers and keeps them interested enough to watch out for the next ‘contest’.


Promotional contests encouraging people to ‘share’ or ‘retweet’

When a business comes up with a new product, one challenge is to find ways to get the word out about the product. Most businesses know that there is no better way to do this than to get a good recommendation. This is where sharing and retweeting comes in.

You can tell your consumers to post a status related to the new product. The most shares or retweets will get free tickets to that event you’re hosting this weekend or a free gift voucher. Your consumers will tell their friends to help them win the contest thus making their friends curious about what your product is about.

These are just some of the ideas your business need to put into good use on your social media platform. If you look closely, you will see that these ideas require no finances on your part (except maybe buying a T-shirt or that gift voucher we mentioned). Get your creative juices flowing and come up with interesting ideas as well. The goal should be simplicity and increasing your online followers.

Are There Any Web Design Firms in Croydon

Croydon does not only house high rise buildings and prominent company buildings such as the Nestle Tower, it also houses web design companies, which you can categorize from A to Z. With the changes the world is experiencing, Croydon is not falling behind.

Web Design has set the trend in online business. Almost every company you know of has set a website. Web design is very popular as it gives small companies the opportunity to appear bigger in the eyes of their target audience. With the rise of social media, the internet has become the playground of businesses, both big and small. If you are planning on setting up a web page for your business, you might just find what you are looking for in web designers based in Croydon.

There are different shops and department stores sprouting in the face of Croydon. As you can see, the business industry is very cut-throat. Many businesses come and go. One way of protecting your company from extinction is by establishing a web page for your company. A web page, created by web designers, can help your company exposure, availability, and credibility. Contact your local web design firm in Croydon, and seek professional help. Set up an online shop and make your products and services available in just one click. Making your services and products available online gives you a fighting chance to survive in the already bloody ocean of business. Investing in web design is a wise step for you to take. So, start jotting down your web design idea, search for web design firms available in Croydon, and push those buttons on your telephone.

Every nation, and every country, has never been the same. Everywhere you look, and every turn of your head, what you will see is a change ñ from dirt roads to pavements, from simple poster to a professional web page. These changes are brought to you by modern technology. And as long as technology continues to progress, you will continue to experience change.

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Ecommerce Design and Usability

Ecommerce design and usability factors have an extraordinary impact on the success or failure of a webpage. Optimizing your ecommerce site according to best usability and design standards is a must for all entrepreneurs thinking of jumping on the bandwagon with an online business. Here are a few tips and guidelines on ecommerce usability and design.

Perfect Design in ecommerce:

Ecommerce design is not all about fancy eye-catching colours, layouts; Instead it should be something that shows your visitors how professional and high quality your services/product are/is. If your visitors don’t understand what you sell and cannot figure out how to use your page to find out then they wont spend anything. It is also highly important to develop and design your ecommerce site focusing on SEO factors because more searches means more sales which mean more earnings. Some other key factors to keep in mind are:

  • Categorise products
  • Use easier navigation system
  • Recommend related products
  • Use breadcrumbs
  • Provide internal searching facility
  • Test cross browser compatibility

Usability Practices that Build Trust:

Trust plays a vital role in ecommerce. If visitors don’t find your site to be a trust worthy legit site, then you will never be able to generate profit through ecommerce. Use the usability practices that help establishing trust in market and have already been through trial and error:

  • Provide your real and available contact info
  • Use logos, Trustmark’s and security badges of your payment methods in your shopping cart to make them more trust worthy.
  • Disclose all hidden costs; return ability issues, security issues, shipping costs and others.

Best Usability Practices in Checkout:

Checkout process affects the actual number of sales in ecommerce. If you can make the checkout process simple and quick to use then visitors will more be more likely to buy from your site. Sometimes complexity and confusion in this process create barriers for customers. So, always try to adopt the best checkout process practices such as:

  • Let them purchase without registration
  • Show a confirmation page before they submit the order
  • Break up the checkout process into number of easily understood steps
  • Show order details with each and every cost associated with it
  • Show easily visible and understood checkout button and shopping cart
  • Don’t ask for unnecessary information

Ecommerce Design Factors – Layout Trends:

You must make an appropriate layout for your ecommerce site. The trendy ecommerce layouts have content, rich and longer homepages with fixed headers. Another big issue is responsiveness. Now we are seeing more and more visitors using mobile devices and tabs to access ecommerce sites. So, make sure that your site is responsive in nature so that anyone can get the actual layout of your site using whatever device they have. Some other factors that are an absolute must for the current trend are:

  • Larger visual elements
  • Social media badges
  • Product comparison section (if needed)
  • Promo products section

Well, there are lots of them. But you must keep an eye on the market as with everything in the world evolution is prominent online. Here comes the issue of flexibility in design and usability. Make sure when doing changes that your ecommerce design is easy enough to readjust effectively at any time. Also keep continuity on the standard of usability of your ecommerce site. This will ensure that customers you already have will not be startled by changes and it is still a comfortable way for your visitors to surf your page.

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Affordable Website Design

In the age of technology that we live in today it has become essential for each and every company to have a web presence. This is to effectively market one’s products and services. Even individuals now have their own websites. But if you run a business or an organization, then you will definitely need to have a website to create awareness about your services, or risk not making anywhere near as much potential customers and profit as you could be making.

To create a website doesn’t need to be taxing on your wallet, with only a little money on the Internet you can go a long way. You have a few affordable web design options. Even if you are not technology literate or you just don’t have the manpower to develop your website online, you can always hire the services of a reputed design firm to take the heavy load of your hands. However, you cannot just pick a company and let them take over the design phase for you. You want to do some research and use a few important criteria that I will go on to explain to you now.

First of all, check to see that the company you are interested in has a nice back catalogue of clients who they have created websites for. Go through this catalogue to see the quality of their work. See if there style matches what you are looking for and see if you they have made websites for any companies that have similar products or services as your own. This will give you an idea of how your website will turn out when they design it for you. So, research is key. Make sure you have checked them out before deciding on hiring them or not.

Secondly, when the Internet was still in its infant phase. Companies charged fortunes for a simple little website. Now it has all changed. You want to find a company that charges a reasonable price for the services. Usually companies that charge you outstanding amounts will also try to squeeze as much more out of you as possible.

Finally, choose a company that will give you a free quote for their web services. Some companies may not have a price on hand and you want to avoid these services. Go for a company that is transparent and is ready to give you a free quote for their services right from the start.

There are lots of different website design services out there, but not all of them would be up to your standard. Some might be well known companies and well respected, this means they could charge heavily for their services. Others may provide services at a reasonable rate, but their quality may be lacking severely. Therefore use this simple criteria to choose a business that is not only established, well reputed and will carry out your web design needs, but will also match the budget you have set. Select a company with a good back catalogue, which can provide a free quote for an affordable web design service. This will help you to find the balance between quality and cost. Therefore getting you a professional looking website at a price that makes your wallet smile.

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Definition of Responsive Web Design

What is responsive web design? In essence it is when the design of the website responds to the dimensions of the screen. In lamens terms, a website built to be responsive, takes note of the height and width of the screen (actually, the viewable area is usually a browser window, as in Internet Explorer), and adjusts the web page layout to fit the viewable area appropriately (according to what the web designer or creative director deem appropriate).

This is normally used in web layouts; responsive web design can go well beyond layouts. Primarily achieved using media queries which is code language. Responsive web design empowers you to produce web pages that are independent of the viewable area.

Responsive Web Design Case Examples

I think a good example would be a web page that is used for computers and mobile phones, wherein the links in the top menu would be more workable repositioned as a vertical list, rather than a horizontal bar going across. This is not only achievable but the sort of details you will encounter during ur time using Responsive web design.

If you have a grid in your layout where 10 thumbnails fit nicely across on a regular desktop computer monitor, those thumbnails would have to be nearly microscopic to fit 10 across on an iPad or iPhone. With a responsive design you can change it so that if the width of the device is as short as an iPad, it only places 7 thumbnails across, then only 4 thumbnails across for an IPhone may work well.

A lot of website contact forms have a sidebar area (or two) for up-sale and other purposes. This is brilliant for a desktop computer, but on a smart phone, not so good because the form and the sidebar both are shrunken down too small to read. With responsive web design the form can be made to fill the screen and the sidebar could be hidden, placed underneath, “replaced” by other smaller versions with the same message, almost anything is possible.

Responsive Web Design vs. Liquid Layouts

For a while now, there have been web page layouts that flex to the size (usually the width, specifically) of the browsers window, known as liquid layouts. These are still in use today, although they’ve never been as common as the typical fixed layout you’ll find on most websites, this is where the layout stays the same no matter what the viewable area maybe. Liquid layouts are more commonly used for mobile devices, as they can be counted upon to fit every mobile screen size. This sort of layout is usually kept very simple, like a grid of thumbnails or a list of buttons. But if you took that same layout and let it span the width of a desktop monitor, you will probably find it to be too sparse, too stretched or everything is oversized.

Responsive web design includes taking advantage of both liquid and fixed layouts, to accommodate for all screen sizes. Making your business/product/service available for all no matter where they are or what they are doing.

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