The Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Make

Those who truly understand social marketing have reaped great rewards from it. Those who are busy following this group of successful people have had trouble explaining the time and money they put into this venture. A social media marketing strategy needs to achieve the following: authenticity, consistency, patience, and great content. Two traits that contribute to failure are laziness and inexperience. These are some of the mistakes you have been making:

Expecting something from nothing

Posting on Facebook or Twitter once a month while having your annual blog post is great… if you’re looking to maintain your audience of loyal friends and your employees. People use social media to have conversations. They want to engage others as well as be engaged. They want to learn from authoritative people and get access to information they would never have had access to while offline. Your monthly blog post just doesn’t give this to them. You probably don’t even go through the comments made after you write down your 5 paragraphs. Wow. When you stick to these methods, you will end up drastically reducing your chances of prospects finding you.

Being a poor listener

You are going to have to apply the same listening skills you apply in face to face conversations on the online web. How do you listen online? By giving others time to speak. Who are the ‘others’? Lost fans need not get carried away with this one. The others are clients, consumers, industry experts, etc. Never rush to make comments without reading status updates or tweet carefully. Ask questions not to show your intellect, but to feed your curiosity.

Concentrating on making a sale and not connecting

Want to lose followers at lightning speeds? Just try making a sale with every tweet or status update you post. Everyone wants their social marketing strategies to give them high ROI so they make the critical mistake of always concentrating on profiting. Social media marketing is about forming relationships with consumers. You need to get to know them. They don’t want you to constantly remind them about the new products you have on sale.

You think about yourself too much

This is one of the quickest ways to lose your online following. If your social marketing revolves around how great you are, how much experience you have, how privileged others would be to work with you, etc. you are missing the whole point of social media. Be a giver, not a taker. People are looking for interesting stuff to read. If you give them this, you are creating a group of loyal consumers one person at a time.

Deleting negative comments

You would think it counterintuitive to leave negative comments on your blog for everyone to see. After all, you don’t want your consumers finding out about a flaw in your product, right? Wrong. Negative comments present you with a unique opportunity to transform an unsatisfied consumer into a satisfied one… in public! This will give you a chance to look good in front of your other consumers- a re-assurance they needed that they did indeed make the right choice by investing in you.

These are just some of the most critical mistakes businesses make when going about their social media marketing. Learn from others’ mistakes and don’t let this be you. There is nothing as important as securing a strong online presence.

Are There Any Available SEO Companies In Berkshire?

Berkshire is a small county in the west end of London. It is known for the Windsor Castle where King Henry VI of England was born. Berkshire is also popular for housing popular actors, actresses, and monarchs. Additionally, a simple search in Wikipedia or search engines will tell you that Berkshire houses United Kingdom’s largest business park. It would never come as a surprise that Berkshire will soon house the largest SEO industry in the UK.

Search engine optimization is the latest trend in obtaining organic and natural, and free web traffic for a website. It is free because the traffic is brought by web content or articles. These articles can be published in electronic magazines or article directories online. Publishing is free, all you need is to find a website, which hosts web contents and articles, paste or upload your content and article, and click the submit button.

The SEO industry is budding established firms and new upstart firms. If you hit the search button of on Google or MSN, you can see SEO companies are all over the world. If you are looking into tapping the market, you can easily do so. In Berkshire, SEO consulting companies are all around and some even provide SEO training. This creates an opportunity for you to be an expert in the industry, and soon, you can establish your own SEO consulting firm or work for the most profitable SEO Company around.

Increasing your web page traffic can be done through search engine optimization. For your localized business in Berkshire, you can easily talk to experts and find that expert SEO firm suited for your web page needs. If you still don’t have a web page to begin with, some SEO firms do not only offer search engine optimization service, they can also offer you web design and development services. You can be assured that you will find at least one SEO company in Berkshire, which can offer you more than just an SEO.

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NEW: Website In line With Our New Geographical Strategy

You may have noticed that our website has been down for just over one week and had been replaced by a splash page. This was because we have decided to go with a geographical strategy, so each domain extension we have will have its own targets i.e. .nl (Netherlands) .de (Germany) .se (Sweden) and so on.

It has also allowed us to create v3 of our website. Which is a lot slicker, quicker loading and essentially bug free, it will also work perfectly across all devices, this, put simply, illustrates what we can do for you and your business.

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Internet marketing tips for small business

Most small business owners do not have the big bucks to market their business like the large companies do. This does not mean though that they should forget all about marketing as this is vital for the well-being and the success of their businesses. Since traditional marketing tool cost and arm and a leg, the best thing for small businesses to do is to make use of internet marketing tools.

Know Your Market

Keep in mind that your internet marketing endeavor will never be successful if you do not know who your target market is. There is no need to pay for a fancy marketing study to look for your your target market; if you know your product then you know who you cater to. Once you have a clear profile for your target market, what you need to do is to determine how best to reach them online. You can make us of blogs or even social networking sites.

Set a Realistic Budget

One good thing about internet marketing is that it can be successful even if you do not have much money. Just bear in mind though that while sticking to the free forms of online marketing will have great effects, it may also be to your benefit to get some paid ads. However, since you are taking out ads online, you will still pay less than what you wold normally pay for regular ads.

Get to Work on Branding

The world of online business is pretty harsh and you need to make a name for yourself. This is what branding is for and brand awareness can do wonders for your business. For your website not to be confused with that of another company’s, splurge a little on getting your own domain name as this is one investment that is sure to pay off.

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Content Marketing – Is Content is King?

With many businesses opening across different industries, online marketing has become a very crucial element in the growth and development of businesses. One of the most popular methods of internet marketing is search engine optimization. This marketing technique works by heightening the ranking of businesses on search engines such as Google and Bing. The higher a business ranks, the better the traffic, the more revenue the site can generate. However, content is a very important aspect of search engine marketing. Many people may ask why content is king in internet marketing.

First, content is used to engage visitors when they visit a website. If your website lacks great content, you will not catch the attention of the visitor. You have to develop great content that matches your products and services to make visitors engrossed. If the content you have posted on your website is unique and makes sense, you will make visitors spend more time reading and the information contained on your website can turn them into potential buyers. A colourful website in terms of graphics can shun clients from buying when there is no unique content posted.

The content that you place on your website will also determine the ranking of your online business. Google uses special tactics that rank websites, and if your website does not have unique content, it will not feature among the best businesses on the first page. Great content is presentable to the search engine, and it can guarantee you higher ranking and business.

If you want to improve on sales by generating more traffic to your website, content is a prerequisite to achieving your goals. You need a professional who can write unique content to market your website. There are marketers who specialize in search engine optimization, and you can employ them in generation of distinctive content for business improvement.

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