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A website should not just catch the eye it’s role is to attract and keep the user, as well as communicate him your brand message and raise user awareness about product or service.


Sleek Web Design, Optimised For The Digital Era

Prices starting from £800


We will help you create a website that is focused around e-commerce and making sales online. We use WordPress or Shopify and help transform your businesses website into an online selling machine.

Branding and logo design

So you need us to come up with a logo for your new brand? Or perhaps you’re wanting to refresh your existing one, not to worry we can help you with this.

Mobile Application Design

We have worked on mobile applications in the past, let us help you build an app that you can sell on iOS or the Android store.

Brochure Websites

Brochure websites are your standard service type websites, typically around 8-10 pages in size, we design it to give your business the best possible online presence.

Your visitors and customers may not give your business or website a second chance. Create and bring them in with a great first impression

In the rush of the digital world, websites pop up daily and massive traffic is generated everyday. First impressions certainly count here like in the real world, and a phenomenal web design that meets the needs and goals of the owner is the key to great success. Users and visitors look longer and linger more at a beautifully-designed and carefully crafted website that is also easy to navigate. Our professional design team takes care of unforgettable first impressions and adds in website speed and accessibility to provide a great user experience.

Our agency aims getting you noticed in a digital world, using design ingenuity for creating brand personality that will have a long-lasting impact on all your visitors. We provide various design sets starting from scratch, we focus on creating a website to fit your brand and speak to all your visitors. Our team presents, revises and collaborates with you until we finalise the design.

We believe that a close collaboration is the foundation for an outstanding result. We collaborate at all stages of the process, starting with content audit when we set up your needs and requirements, then competitive analysis which outlines your stand out opportunities and interviews & user testing to find out who is your audience and how do they think.

Examples of websites we’ve made

Web Design Services

GetMediaWise is a company that recognises our customers and the way you think. We believe in the fantastic art of web design, perfecting new levels to ensure your vision is our top priority at all times. We can create secure, stable and reliable websites by following simple steps as a foundation. We know you are in the right hands with the state of the art tools and employees that push limitations to make sure we give our clients 100% of the best possible designs.

No matter how big or small your business, our staff knows the importance of each and every business. We have products to cater for all businesses, small medium or enterprise companies to suit all needs. We are aware that it is essential to understand your requirements.

This is to ensure that we meet your needs and create the best-fit package for you.Bringing your dreams and ideas to reality is what we strive to do, and we believe that by painting the picture, we can do so. We trust that our skilled artists will put pen to paper and create the design you want.

We do this in a way that will personify your company helping generate that much-needed return on investment from your customer base.


The mobile technology industry is constantly growing and it is crucial for a business to grow with it. This is taking the Internet to new levels, so making sure that the app design works is vital for a prosperous future. The mobile technology gives you the ability to interact with millions of people around the world.

We can deliver more than what your dreams and desires are, whatever your criteria may be, we can deliver smart, secure and reliable tested applications that have the ability to operate on all mobile devices. Those interfaces include iOS, RIM, Android and Windows. For your company to reach out to all target audience, you need to cover all operating systems which we believe to be critical.

GetMediaWise is always looking for new ways to raise the bar as we believe in high standards. Our design team is dedicated to creating eye-catching, stylish designs, whatever the criteria.


The first page that a customer will see is the homepage or the first page that a customer sees before they enter the main the pages. This is also known as a splash page.

So the primary uses for splash pages are as follows:Direct consumers to suitable website for country or language

  • Direct consumers to suitable website for country or languageFor reliability, if a customer has low broadband speeds, it can redirect them to a less demanding site
  • For reliability, if a customer has low broadband speeds, it can redirect them to a less demanding siteExtra shapes of advertising
  • Extra shapes of advertisingLimited admission to sites for underage guests
  • Limited admission to sites for underage guests
  • To harmonise the homepage


Shopping experiences go a long way, and we believe by making it simple and convenient for customers is momentous. So we implement jaw-dropping designs to attract the right clients and tactics for converting significant sales. We bring clarity and sophistication to the table making sure customers return from their smooth sales experience.

Your customers can shop with confidence, knowing that their data is secure, offering them the service that will electrify on all levels. We believe that quality will always be at the heart of our e-commerce formation, and that is what certifies the safety and sanctuary of your customer data.

With a click of a button, even a beginner IT wiz would be able to work the updates of prices, products, and information with the most simple stock update and stock control systems. E-commerce is growing more and more due to retail being at your fingertips. You can do even the straightforward tasks such as grocery, banking to even clothe shopping or even birthday cards. Eliminating retail shops will save you money, reduce costs for development and increase profit margins.

If you can imagine your business being open 24/7, 365 days and all year round bringing in demand, conveying turnover as you sleep because your products and services are in demand worldwide.

Here at GetMediaWise want to see your corporation grow at a constant rate and that is why we believe that your brand is at the very heart of your business. This is why we also make it the core of our business because it allows us to understand what you need.

Through planting the foundations and building on your brand awareness, we can take your business to new exhilarating levels. There is no limit, whether you choose to the next Virgin brand or top music record label.


We have the advantage of tailoring our designs to gain attention within seconds. Graphic designs can usually sway either two ways, being very simple or even complex, but with our expertise, we can assure care and love for your ideas.

If graphic design is done correctly, it can work magic as it forms a different type of communication alone. It’s a demonstration of your customer’s feelings, your emotions, and the overall image.

We make designs unique to you and create one off pieces of art which can be symbolised in the brand values and vision. We do this by understanding our customers and what they want.

You have come to the right place in letting us design your website, as 80% of our clients come from word of mouth. No matter how big or small the project, we look forwards to working with you to create that incredible brand.

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