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We know what your business needs to succeed online. Give us a call today and we will evaluate your website and see if we can help you achieve success online. Please note* We don’t work with any old client, we like to make sure that we can actually help you before we engage with you.

Keyword Research

We will conduct thorough research until we find the sorts of keywords that are profitable to your business. We will work with you from the very first step and establish what keywords we should be targeting. The more keywords your business ranks for, the greater your return on investment

Link Building

Link building is a fundamental component of SEO that most businesses don’t implement. Link building can help you build your traffic as well as your internal link profile. The result is a huge impact to your page’s keyword listings within search engines.

On-page SEO

We constantly tweak your pages to ensure we are benefiting from the on-page efforts so they have maximum effect within the search engine result pages.

Monthly Reports

Reporting is a key ingredient in SEO. We believe by providing detailed results and monthly evaluations we are able to increase a clients performance online. Simply by keeping them in the loop we can help them make the most of our service.

Establishing Your Business Online

Generating a high ROI (Return on Investment) is one of the main key selling points. Webmaster’s should be able to identify what sorts of keywords are profitable and give you insights into how to improve your conversion ratio as well as staying ahead of your competition on a permanent basis. The more keywords your company ranks for; the more potential revenue you can create.

You can expect to receive up to date and relevant guidelines from all major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. Satisfied clients have reported over 80% growth in organic traffic, a decrease in bounce rates just shy of 50%, increase your visitors’ duration on your website by over 30% and increase your page sessions by 21%. If your business is already operating at 100%, there is no harm in aiming for 200%. Let us take you to those heights. We also provide online marketing services.

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We Deliver The Results

At GetMediaWise we believe that search engine optimisation should be at the heart of any website to create traffic which in turn generate sales and brand awareness. Our goal is to ensure that your web page is ranked on the first page of Google or any other search engine.

We do this by ensuring that our SEO is always up to date by incorporating manual SEO research and programmed SEO research. We prefer to use organic SEO research due to getting a high response rate of 85 – 90% click rate of search compared to pay per click (PPC) 10% of search click on the website.

SEO is the best way to generate a higher ROI (return of investment) by ensuring your keywords that your targeting are correct and actually convert/work for you.

Our SEO experts at GetMediaWise do all the hard work for you to ensure that the job is done correctly and let you do what you do best run your business more effectively. We optimise your website by ensuring the content is relevant to your organisation and adjusting accordingly to the demand of the keywords. This ensures that you are as visible as possible.

SEO can target a number of search listed below:

    • Image Search
    • Local Search
    • Video Search
    • Academic Search
    • News Search
    • Industry Search

Campaign planning

We believe in taking our relationships to the next level and by doing that we strive to make your next campaign the best by ensuring that you get the highest productivity rate to increase a smooth transaction and profitability.

Whatever your next campaign is it a new product launch that you would like help with marketing and strategies to make your money work for you rather than against you or a new business idea that you feel needs our input we believe the planning behind it can make all the difference in your success.

Campaign planning is crucial in any business to make sure that every step of the way your enterprise has the clarity and consistency of following the plan to achieve the outcomes set out in the brief given to GetMediaWise.

We love to get to understand our clients business and driving your business forward in a productive way means that we can ensure success from day one. We work with you to ensure that our relationship grows but most of all your enterprise grows at a consistent basis.

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