The World of SEO and Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of helping a web page rank effectively in Google or other search engines. There are a few different types of search engine optimisation, natural, unnatural, pay per click. These are also known as organic and PPC. The benefits of organic SEO by far outweigh the benefits of PPC, however, PPC comes into its own when you are looking to discover if a keyword is profitable or not before investing a lot of time and money into organic SEO, based around a keyword that does not work.

Many people use PPC as a way of discovering and testing keywords. This is one area we have recently delved into and have seen great success and we can’t recommend it enough to those who are looking to develop their online business. Many internet marketing strategies include an active PPC campaign. This could be solely to just test the market or it could be the type of campaign that the company uses to succeed online or sell a product.

The health niche is a highly sought after niche, especially where PPC is concerned. Many health products use PPC to test to see whether or not their products sell and from there, look to promote it based on the results.

Organic SEO is where you begin to market and build your website to multiple platforms as well as social media platforms and building references online to your website, which starts to make the search engines believe that your website is an authority site within its niche. After your website is seen as an authority website, you will build to rank easily for a variety of different keywords. Many SEO strategies tend to focus on developing a mini site as opposed to developing an authority site.

There are two types of areas within organic SEO one of which is white hat and other is black hat:

  • White Hat includes the use of recommended good design, on page optimisation and social media integration.
  • Black Hat is an SEO technique which improves rankings in a way that is disapproved by search engine giants such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. One of the simple techniques the black hat would use in the past was to hide keywords within the text and make them invisible to the human eye but visible to the robots’.

Nowadays, SEO plays a big part in most corporations and businesses. It is vital that your website is being marketed, as your competitors could be given the exact same but getting a head start. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!


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