Why Exact Match Domains Can Benefit Your Site

For those of you that have not heard of Exact Match Domains, these are domains that contain the keyword in which you want to rank for. For example, if you were a dentist based in Newcastle upon Tyne, an exact match domain would be:http://www.dentistnewcastleupontyne.co.ukNow, the benefits of having a domain like this have decreased recently as Google has been focusing on reducing the amount of trust and link juice these types of sites can pass.

How can you ensure an EMD retains its power?

It’s simple. Google has been targeting poor quality content and poor quality anchor text structures on sites.

So one of the best strategies moving forward with any domain you have is to ensure that every piece of content you write is unique.

Then, any linking strategies you make have to target brand and generic anchor text.

Then, adopting the “less is more” principle you can look to build very high quality links into these sites.

As soon as you get the high quality links setup, it will help you increase the quality of your website.

CMSwire recently produced an article on Content Quality vs. Quantity. With this they tried to distinguish a clear winner. The article was published in September so it’s a little dated now.

“There is one question weighing on almost every marketer’s mind, or at least should be: what is better, quality of content or the quantity produced? The debate is ongoing and seems to be picking up momentum, but is there a clear and definitive answer to this question?

No. The answer is that simple.”

This piece is from http://www.cmswire.com/cms/customer-experience/content-quality-vs-quantity-is-there-a-clear-winner-022575.php

Google has launched their recent update which is targeting quality content. Humming bird is the name of this update.

It is focusing on content that answer’s questions.

Answering questions is a great way to show off good quality content. The focus on semantic research is even more powerful thanks to this update.

What do I mean by semantically related content?

Semantically related content is content that is similar to other related keywords.

Google is becoming highly focused on this type of content, content that relates to other things.

You can see it from this example.

Now with this example, you can see a lot of searches relating to “keyword research”. This gives us a rough idea of different keywords that should be used in the articles.

These keywords can help us devise a good content plan and structure based on these related terms.

It also means that you will be answering a lot of the questions that Google is asking. This could hopefully assist you in creating great quality content.

Following on from the idea of using EMD’s and linking them to your site, this would give you the highest level of control on the links coming into your money sites.

It also means you can use grey hat techniques to help you achieve online success without having to worry about Google.

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