How social media has enriched the world of online marketing

A recent report indicates that social media accounts for nearly one in every five minute spent on the internet, and it has a reach of more than 1.2 billion users. That’s almost about 82% of the world population! Needless to say, Facebook rules the roost with nearly 55 percent of the world population spending about 3 in every 4 minutes on this network. But what do these statistics mean to an average marketer? Simple! It means opportunities. If you are a marketer yourself, I’m sure you’d agree that we put our money where the trend is. Thus, is born the trend of social media and online marketing.

But what is social media marketing:

This involves the use of social media channels to persuade consumers to prefer a product or service over the other. People discuss, like, and even share information about your product or service. Within the social media circle, you aren’t really bothered about reaching the front page of the site. You are more concerned about establishing your influence, reputation and brand with potential customers, readers and supporters.

Understanding the importance of the LIKE button:

As earlier said, Facebook has reached gargantuan proportions. A few years ago ‘Like’ may have been attributed to an emotion, but now thanks to Facebook, it is a verb, an action word. Although introduced in 2009, this button has become the most visible aspect of every web page. If you like a product or service, simply click on the like button of the web page and the friends in your list know about it. If they like it, their friends get to know about it. The saga can be never ending.

What are the benefits of using social media for marketing?

  • Branding: There isn’t a better way to brand your product in the online world than social media. A million likes or tweets may not directly fetch revenue, but they certainly brand you well.
  • Lead Generation: A leading cosmetic brand successfully penetrated into the Indian market through the use of social media. This brand was considered to be a high range brand, and thus wasn’t embraced among the rural population. The social media campaign needed people to register and get a free sample of the cosmetic. Gradually the number of people who opted for the free samples turned into steady customers, once they realized the worth of the product.
  • Announcing products and services: Rather than spending thousands of dollars on advertising, social media provides a platform to announce about the new product or service.

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