The Popularity of Responsive Web Design

The needs for web traffic have changed tremendously and people using  many types of devices to access the web. People want to visit websites  that are user friendly. A responsive design goes a long way in making  sure that the experience of the visitors is enhanced. Here are reasons  for the popularity of responsive design.

<h2>Mobile Dominance</h2>

The birth of responsive web design was because mobile statistics started  mushrooming. As many people owned hand held devices, it was discovered  that the web content was not accessible using the tiny screens. To solve  this problem, responsive design was chosen to provide the right answer.

<strong>Fills what Apps Left out</strong>

Apps are not the best answer in a society that’s fully saturated with  mobile apps. Many reputable businesses will not find it good creating an  app to solve just every kind of a problem out there. Moreover, not all  gadgets are android so there is need to cater for the need of the entire  mobile market by enabling them access web content rather than creating  apps. Responsive design enables a business website do what it’s supposed  to be doing rather than get it bogged down by app development.

<h2>Requirements of Multiple Devices</h2>

There are many mobile gadgets out there: phones, tablets, netbooks and  notebooks among others. Because all of these devices can be used to  access the internet, there is no way that a static design can please  everyone. Most of these devices demand a responsive design.

<h2>Design necessity</h2>

Responsive designs represent design phenomenon regardless of its far  reaching implications. As an important design feature, it’s worked on to  take away some important web presence aspects. After all, you can now  see everything which you can see from your desktop when you access the  same content with your mobile device.

No matter the CMS which you use and the industry you are in, responsive  design is very important. People can access your content no matter the  device they are using.

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