Outsourcing SEO: The Pro’s and Con’s of Hiring an SEO Agency

Are you still at the crossroads about whether to hire an SEO agency or not? Many business and website owners can relate to this dilemma though, so you should not be all that scared about figuring out the pros and cons of paying companies that provide search engine optimisation  services.


There are many advantages that you can get from relying on outside resources to promote your business online. Knowing the following advantages would likely convince you now to hire SEO specialists:

  • Cut down on your workload. As if it isn’t enough that you have to take care of your business and make sure that you’re still making money, you also have to think about how to keep the public aware of your products and services. You can focus more on managing your business if you hire experts who know what the latest SEO techniques are. You will also have the assurance that all the services will be provided by skilled and devoted staff from analysts and copywriters to editors and marketing professionals. All these people work as a team with the ultimate goal of optimising your website and increasing its ranking in the search engine results page. You can also hire consultants if you want to develop in-house services.
  • Expect professional help. Given the fact that you will get your services from an established online marketing company, you can expect that only professionals will handle your project. These experts would determine what your website needs after careful analysis, then come up with methods to increase your ranking in the SERP without the risk of doing something unethical. Good SEO service providers only pursue white hat techniques, such as organic link building, blogging, and other methods that require providing the web users with fresh, useful, and relevant content. The staff will provide all the help that you need to ensure a sustainable success for your website.
  • Save time and money. If you hire a professional Internet marketing firm, you won’t need to train your own staff, which would have cost you a lot of time and money on your part. The good news is that the competition between the different firms has led to the availability of services with very competitive prices.
  • Conduct a fairly easy brand awareness campaign. As what was mentioned before, the ultimate goal of SEO efforts is to increase the visibility of your website in the search engine results page. This can be achieved through guest blogging, link building, directory submission, article marketing, meta tag development, keyword analysis, keyword selection, website analysis, and similar techniques. All these methods would aim to increase your conversion rates. Your website visitors will turn into customers who actually buy from you.


The biggest drawback in hiring SEO agencies is that you won’t be in full control of your online business. Remember that you will be handing the reins to the promotion of your business to outsiders, who are also likely to  promote themselves as experts. That’s why it is even more important to screen all the companies that are offering their services to you.

The worst thing about entrusting your online promotions to outsiders is the feeling of being kept in the dark. It can be quite frustrating if you don’t know what is going on with your business or how it is perceived by the market. You will also have to pay them for whatever it is that they are doing, especially if you hired a company that does not provide results-oriented services. Regardless of the results, you are required to pay them for their services. However, you can avoid this by hiring a company that fosters transparency in providing their services. They will consult with you, tell you what they are about to do, what the expected results are, and what actually happened after the plans were implemented.

In the name of transparency, the team will try to explain to you their process of promoting your business online. You have to at least learn the basics about SEO. It would be even better if the service provider will let you give some input and update you about what they are doing with every major step in the process. You will still feel a bit in control over your website instead of being alienated from the project.

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