Online marketing strategies to stop using in 2015

As you make decisions on what to change this year, it may be wise to make decisions on what to stop doing too. This is in relation to your business and your company. Maybe you realised you don’t have an effective digital strategy or that it isn’t working the way you intended it to from the beginning. Some mistakes may have held you back from reaching your full potential. Maybe you’re still making mistakes and don’t know about how much they are impacting your business. The following are some of the things you need to stop doing.

Being self-centered

Too many business owners forget that the essence of social media is being social. They keep on posting material relevant to their network such as new products, product offers, etc. They never interact with their audience or contribute to forums.  The most successful social media strategists will tell you that social media is about being generous and connecting with others.   When you promote another person’s page, congratulate them on their achievements, share their events, etc. Others will do this for you too when you need it the most. When you’re generous about promoting other people’s content, congratulating them on their successes, or sharing their scheduled events, others will do the same for your business.

Creating a narrow range of content

When getting started with online marketing, businesses usually stick to one type of content. This isn’t wrong. You’re starting out so you want to play it safe. However, as time goes on, focus on creating different types of content. This will enable you to connect with your target audience. Did you know that longer content affects your purchasing decisions? Some consumers make decisions after reading that long blog post you finally put up. You need to create diverse content this year. You can do that by blogging regularly, creating in-depth content and/or going multimedia. Go multimedia by adding more images into your content.

Forgetting about analytics tools

Amplifying content is about more than concentrating on posts. It is about where you put these posts and when you do so. Analytics tools help you understand how your content affects consumers. Are you one of those businesses that creates a blog post without tracking its performance? You probably end up posting whatever you like, whenever you like and never bother to check what is getting the most shares or views. To beat the competition, try and look at your numbers on social media. Are those the numbers you envisioned for your business? Use analytic tools that show you how your posts are performing. Also, look for patterns in your results. Do some images perform better than others? Do you get more engagement when you share specific content? Make changes based on your results.

Failing to amplify your content

Look up the word ‘amplify’ in the dictionary and you get the definition: enlarge, strengthen, and make something great. Amplifying your content means extending it so that it can reach beyond the small group of people already enjoying it. Sometimes, someone influential can amplify your content. Other times, social media can do all the amplification for you. You may consider learning which kind of content works best for you on social media, seeking out influential people to share your content, re-promoting your content by always updating the statistics mentioned, or adding any other relevant material.

Try and ditch your smoking habit, junk food as well as these poor marketing strategies.


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