Five Ways to Achieve Online Business Growth

Increasing the traffic to your business website is extremely beneficial to the growth of your business. Listed below are the five best and most effective ways of growing your business online.

Market Research Specific to your Business

Identify a keyword specific to your business using the Google keyword tool. The highest ranked domains in Google for this keyword should be noted. By using Quantcast, an accurate demographic understanding of your market is possible. Next, use Google analytics to get a detailed picture of traffic to your website. Information about bounce rates, length of visits, and other media referrals can be obtained by the use of Google analytics.

Link Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts to your Business

If you have not yet linked your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your business, it is essential that you do them immediately. These two accounts are indispensable to growing your business online. Further, you should style your Facebook page with your business logo, and also integrate your business brand. Your presence in the social media builds trust with business clients.

Start Your Own Blogs

The traffic to your business website can be improved dramatically by posting your blogs on your Blogger page in WordPress. You can visually integrate your blogs to your website to improve traffic further. Take care to input the main keyword in the title of your blogs. You must have your keyword preferably at least one time in the body of the blog as well. For continued good traffic to your business website, your blog must be updated once in a week or once in two weeks.

Integrate Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting for Your Business Website

Re-write and re-design your business website to be more suitable for SEO. This will help to improve the Google rankings of your website. An improvement in the Google rankings automatically leads to an increase in your business turn-over.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a Virtual Assistant will give you more time to concentrate on critical business engagements. The Virtual Assistant can do the blog posting on various sites for you. Further, your article marketing can also be taken care of by the same person.

To summarise, it can be said that by adopting these five strategies, you can increase your business online. Moreover, hiring a Virtual Assistant ensures that you have more time and freedom to concentrate on your business activities.


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