Link building and SEO for small businesses

With being a small business and devoted to the internet marketing niche, I always find it frustrating when I read articles entitled “build links to your site in minutes” or “the top 10 ways to build great links to your website”, then they give you the same bogus strategy; write an eBook, create a video and hope it goes viral or create a white paper. Please note these methods do work for certain individuals because they are great ways to build high quality links to your website.

The problem I have is they don’t try to explain ways in which you can make your business seem like an authority on the subject. It can be a huge struggle to create influence within your marketplace, especially if the community you’re in is Internet marketing.

Forgetting the link building and focusing on social integration and developing relationships!

Building a relationship with your audience is vital. This is what I believe to be one of the key points to any successful small business. Because you build rapport with the customer, they know you. They also trust you (this is one of the key points), and they begin to value your word because they know you and your business.

Social networks give you a fantastic way to communicate with your audience and start working on this relationship. Don’t get me wrong; this won’t be an overnight success. In fact, it will probably take you a few months if not years to develop a truly successful online brand. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

I recommend dedicating at least one hour per day to going through related blogs and other news in your industry, commenting, actively participating, Google+ and twittering. Creating that much needed self-promotion is a route to success.


It is about building relationships that are two way, not just one. Don’t get stuck in the position of just giving away everything you know for free. Yes, give advice and a helping hand, but don’t rip off your hand and give it to them for free. Be honest to you and everything else should flow.


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