Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

Choose clean and professional fonts for your typography. Your text should be a contrast to its background and surrounding space, so it’s not hard on the eyes. Typography is used to communicate with the audience and this helps set the tone, and its legibility has a big impact on how a message will be received; so use it properly.

Consider using the grid-based approach to create stunning graphics and balance in your art. Learn how to use grids and you will see that your regular designs can turn into great designs.

Remember that simple is beautiful. If your design is over the top, it might not achieve its purpose.

Know your audience so you’ll know how to design for them.

Understand the colour theory so you can implement them in your graphics because colours give off certain moods. If you know how to use the colours, you’ll have more control on the impact of your art work.

Learn how to use software for graphic design, such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc.

When designing a logo, start simple by creating it on a solid black background and then when you have the feel of your logo, you can move on to adding colour and other details.

Always stay in constant communication with your client so that your work meets your client’s requirements. Understand what they want for the design so they don’t get frustrated with the finished product. Provide daily updates and progress status because they might change their ideas during the design process. It is easier to make the changes while you’re still working on the project rather than make the changes when the design is complete.

Accept constructive criticism so you can improve and ask for other’s opinions about your work, so you can revise if needed.

Use these graphic design tips and turn from a complete beginner into a highly qualified graphic designer.

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