Will google plus overtake facebook?

Google dominated the virtual world until Facebook emerged as its strong contender. Even Orkut, Google’s poor social media cousin couldn’t keep pace with Facebook’s popularity. There are countless statistics to prove that an average netizen spends 3 out of 4 online minutes on this hugely popular social network channel. Not to be left behind Google has decided to try and beat Facebook at its own game with Google+; It aims to fill the gaps left open by its competitor. For instance, Circles, a feature on Google+ makes sharing realer. You can share different things with different people. You can also video chat with friends through the ‘Hang Out’ feature. Will Google+ finally manage to overtake Facebook? Here are a few points to indicate that this is possible:

  • Google+ is linked with other Google services: When you create a Google+ profile for your business, you are asked to link this with an existing business ‘Places’ page. Thus, you can increase the number of search results for your business and yet have the result under the Places listing. The Google+ icon is already integrated in all Google products, thereby allowing sharing things easily. This combination works wonders in terms of SEO.
  • You do not need Facebook type members to boost search results: When you have Google+ your search results on Google are likely to be affected more than through Facebook. Marketers know this and hence try the Google+ network to influence the content that comes up.
  • Safer: Privacy is a major complaint on Facebook, but with Google+ every update that you share is secured. You choose who see’s what.

Despite these features, is Google + likely to take over Facebook? Here are some points that indicate that Google+ is more likely to be added to the long list of Google products, and it has a long time to go before it could be added to the list of killer social media sites.

  • The concept of Circles is odd: On Facebook when you sent a friend request to a person, it is up to him or her to decide if he/she wants to be friends with you. However, with Google, almost anyone can add you to his or her circle without needing your permission. Although they would be able to see only your public details, this would strike Facebook users to be odd.
  • Nothing very different from Facebook: Critics claim that there’s nothing really special and unique about Google+. It is a straightforward replica of its competitor.

In Conclusion:

While Google+ does stand a chance in terms of social media dominance, it is unlikely to do so in 2012. It still has a long way to go. But yes, it is possible.

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