Why Good SEO Marketers Do Not Fear Penguin v2.0

O my god, There is another penguin update being launched by  Google, let’s run around frantically and scream at each other on forums.  Well, why not? That’s what happened the last time there was a penguin  update. Everyone started to panic.

But not us

Granted we held our breath when the update was launched, but we soon  saw our results increase. This is because of a simple technique that we  use.

We don’t over optimize our anchor texts, and we don’t have a huge  focus on ensuring exact keyword volumes are used, that’s right, we try  to make it look as organic and natural as possible.

Google wants to catch the companies/individuals that are abusing the  system, it knows that there are many white hat/grey hat SEO guys who  focus solely on producing quality content and then use various  promotional techniques to help it increase in the SERPs – this is normal  and what is called Organic. They rank it for a various amount of  keywords and don’t have a huge focus on one specific type.

This is the practice in which will stop you from ever suffering from a Penguin update.

Practical Example:Let’s say we were ranking a website within the “dog training” niche.  We write an article or two and place it on our website that is  specifically focused on a certain aspect of dog training i.e. “Stopping  my dog pulling on the lead”. Current practice states that we want  anything from 12-30% of all of our anchor text in our backlinks pointing  back to this page/site for our main keyword, so in this example “dog  training”. Well we think this is wrong!

We have found with extensive practice that we have had better results  at targeting just a 4-8% Anchor text ratio for the main keyword, this  then allows us to bring more keyword’s into the mix, let’s say for  instance, we want to use 20% of our anchor text diversity just for the  root URL, this leaves us with a huge amount of anchor text to play with,  this mean we can rank those articles etc. for longer tail keywords,  thus improving their visibility and potentially increasing the amount of  visitors to our dog training site.

Follow this strategy and we can guarantee your results, it also means  you can relax in knowing that your not misleading people and providing  high quality information to which you deserve to rank for.

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