Why Good SEO Companies are Hard to Find

SEO is the buzz word to all those looking to succeed in the world of online marketing. Only a good SEO professional can propel your website to rank high in search engines. But finding a good SEO company is easier said than done. Here are a few aspects where SEO companies fail to impress people:

  • Lack of Information: When looking for information on the internet, trust is the most important factor where you need to establish yourself. Most SEO companies fail in this aspect. More often than not, the contact page consists of a form the user will have to fill out, only to be contacted later. But if I am looking for information now, does it make sense to fill out a form and wait for a response? Is your job so secretive that you have to shy away from giving away details of your physical location and phone number? True, emails are a better way to communicate, but doesn’t it make sense to pick up the phone and assess your requirements than engage in a long conversation?
  • Lack of Past Performance: As earlier said, the online world is all about trust. When you deal with clients, you need to establish confidence. This can be done by talking about past performance and client testimonials. If your strategies are unique and you do not want to publicize them, you can at least mention names of clients.
  • Lack of Commitment to Give Weekly Reports: SEO companies often give promises for results that are impossible. For instance, I heard of a company that promises unlimited traffic for a fixed fee, but when it comes to commitment on regular reports, they seem to vanish into thin air. The success or failure of an SEO campaign depends on regular monitoring. Thus, updated reports are of utmost importance.

Having given the reasons why some SEO companies fail to meet the mark, here are a few points to help you find a good SEO company:

  • Flexibility: Every campaign is unique and techniques to rank a website may differ according to the niche that is targeted. A company that says they have come up with proven strategies that will work immaterial of the niche is probably bluffing.
  • Does Not Guarantee Results: I know this sounds absurd because when you pay money you expect results, but truth be told, there can never be a guarantee that the efforts will pay. For instance, if you are looking to rank for a highly competitive keyword, the chances are less. But if you are looking to rank high for a medium or low competition keyword, your chances of success are very high. A professional company will not promise assured results but will surely come up with a tailor made solution that may work for you.


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