Do you know what a Content Management System is? A customized content management system is a web application that allows users to modify the HTML and the content of a site in an easy and efficient manner. Content Management Systems have become more and more popular over the years due to speed, efficiency, and use of use. There are two different kinds of content management systems, customized content management systems and open source CMS. Many people are contemplating whether to use a customized CMS or an open source CMS. This article will explain why customized content management systems are superior to open source.

So, what’s the difference between customized CMS and open source CMS? Custom developed CMS are built from ground up while open source is free software that is being constructed by a group of people. First, customized content manage systems allow you flexibility to meet your site’s needs. Building a custom content management system can ensure that your system can meet your specific site needs. Having a CMS tailored to your wants can really help a site reach its full potential.

Now, open source content management systems like Drupal and WordPress are fine for a small blog or website. Most small business and website owners don’t have the time or money to invest heavily in their site. Both Drupal and WordPress are decent in terms of maintenance, plugins, and configuration. However, in the end both are just a bunch of pages, not too much more. They can’t handle specialized high performance sites. For example, WordPress would obviously not be able to handle a site like Facebook because Facebook need custom features.

Building a custom CMS for a large website requires a large amount of work from the beginning. If you used Drupal or WordPress you would have to make a large amount of adjustments and fixes in order to get your website to work in the way you wanted. This process would take a lot of work and in the end you might even end up with the product you wanted.

So you’re basically using and wasting a huge amount of money and time to modify software while instead you could be building a CMS that is custom built for your website’s wants and needs. Custom content management systems simply have better performance and extensibility than an open source and result in happier customers. I hope you enjoyed this article about why customized content management systems are better than open source.

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