Core Aspects of Graphic Design

Before you learn about the core aspects of graphic design, it is important to know about the elements used in graphic design. These are often combined to create different works of graphic design. They include such elements as:

  • Shapes
  • Lines
  • Color
  • Type
  • Photography, Art and Illustration
  • Texture

That mention, you will now learn about the core aspects of graphic design. These include advertising, illustration and logo design.

1. Advertising

Advertising is one of the core aspects in graphic design. You find it in magazines, television, the internet, newspapers and even on outdoor billboards. The graphic designer will use words and images to send a message to the audience persuading viewers to take some form of action on the services/ products advertised.

Advertising has vast job opportunities. After digital media was developed, digital advertising came into being. Today, you can also go into mobile, social network and internet advertising.

2. Illustration

There is a beautiful balance between graphic design and fine art in the field of illustration. Drawn images are effective for communication. Today, illustrators use such advanced programs as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create visual representations to translate information to the visually aware consumer.

Images are used for galleries, the screen and print. The possibilities for creativity in this core aspect of graphic design are limitless. Artistic illustrators are at the center of advertising campaigns. This has increased the volume of illustration work.

3. Logo Design

Another of the core aspects of graphic design, logo design helps viewers identify services and products using simplified name compositions, images or combinations of both.

It involves formulation of concepts, sketching, re- sketching, choosing color themes and implementing the logo. Designers have clear impressions about the principles and concept of the brand alongside a deep understanding of the group targeted by the brand.

Today, graphic design is more interesting than ever before. It includes many other aspects such as typography, packaging, magazine and book design among others. However, the above three are the core aspects of graphic design.

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