Why Content Is Becoming a Huge Part of Any Marketing Campaign

In 2013, search engines are all about content. This is expected to continue in 2014, especially with the fierce emphasis of the executives from Google and Bing to promote good user experience. Copywriting services will likely become more in demand this year.

Search engines define quality user experience as the ability of the users to find the answers in that they are looking for in your high quality content. This is worth pursuing given how becoming popular online and offline all boils down to good content.

Content Is Effective in SEO

According to marketers, 92% of their population rely on content creation for search engine optimisation. A survey even showed that it is still the most effective promotional strategy there is. However, the post-Panda times make it hard to pass any content as a good one.

Content Marketing Is All About The Content

If you want to establish contact and influence your market, you will need to pay them back with information, which is often seen as a valuable currency these days. This further emphasises that content is still king. A marketing campaign will lose steam quickly if it is based on bad content. To get long-lasting results, you need to produce good content at all times. This might mean a costly investment on your part, but it will be paid back in terms of increased visibility and better ROI.

Remember how search engines like Google really appreciate high quality content. This will in turn earn you broader search coverage, which can lead to increased website traffic that increases the ROI.

The Role of Content in Inbound Marketing

You can use content to attract the attention of your target customer during the different phases in their relationship with you in the following ways:

  • Knowing-you phase. Blog content can be used during this stage because this is when you can introduce your products or services through organic search. This may later give way to premium contents from seminars and eBooks. The blogs might be your first point of contact with the customer so if you’re not that confident about writing them, you can hire SEO experts that provide copywriting services.
  • Liking-you phase. The customers’ awareness of your business should be nurtured with the use of newsletters. This is when you can show them the extent of your knowledge, expertise, resources, and experience without overselling yourself. The newsletters may be eBooks or a series of emails composed of several blog posts.
  • Trusting-you phase. Once you have captured the attention of your target customers, they have to learn to trust you. You can gain their trust through case studies, customer-generated videos, and customer success stories. It also helps if you get links, considered as votes of confidence, from other websites and good words from your customers through social media. During this phase, many customers who genuinely love your offers would be more than happy to participate in producing content for you.
  • Trying-you phase. This phase is often neglected, but it is actually a good motivator to convince people to buy from you. The appropriate content here would be offline and online seminars, eBooks, and survey processes. At this point, you will have to deliver sample products or services at a zero or lower cost. You may also want to rely on workbooks, videos, checklists, and examples.
  • Buying-from-you phase. This is another phase that many business owners missed out on during their marketing campaigns, thinking that customers have already bought from them anyway. However, it will significantly improve customer experience if you educate them about your products and services using content, such as an orientation or a new customer kit about what you are selling. You can give them in-depth user manuals or quick start guides.
  • Repeat-buying-from-you phase. You would not want to wait around until the customers will realise that they still need your products and services. Enlist the help of your customers in spreading their success stories showing how good your offerings are.
  • Refer-you phase. Make referrals easy on the part of your existing customers by developing certain tools for them. Work with your copywriting services to come up with content that will make introducing your business to other clients less challenging for your loyal customers.

Content creation is certainly an important aspect of any marketing campaign. It ushers new customers to your business, make them loyal to you, remind them of you, and help them convince other customers to come to you too.


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