All About Search Engine Optimsation

Search engine optimisation is a very broad concept that keeps evolving day in day out. No one can finish talking about it, but if we narrow down the key points then we can clearly get its intention and how it works. Let me, for instance, start by giving a clear example as to what SEO is based upon. Let’s say you have a blog and your niche is fashion.

When people go online, they can enter any search terms in the search engines like “fashion models” and even “fashion show”. This will lead to a display of results from the top ranked to the bottom. This is a direct application of search engine optimization which mainly revolves around keywords and content. As I have earlier stated, SEO is evolving and sites are being ranked according to the value of content that is provided. Remember that to succeed in SEO, you must specialize in a specific niche. If it is fashion, stick to it and write anything about it with the promise of appearing among the top with all other fashion sites. Content provided should be reader friendly and not directed to the search engines.

As content plays a major role, it is very crucial that you know how the demand of the keywords in your niche are. We have tools that are free that will help you in keyword research and even propose the best keywords that you can use. Google Adwords keywords tool will prove to be a very crucial resource in SEO, if you need free resources. You can use the SEO Moz’s subscription, if it is well with you.

You can then track the records and statistics of your website to know how your efforts are faring. Installing Google Analytics, demographics will give you a clear indication on keywords that are not doing well, hence modification to achieve better results.

All said, SEO will continue to evolve in a bid to satisfy those searching for anything online. That is why content will be chief in all the searches.

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