Advancements in Web Development

Web development can consist of the work entailed in creating a simple page of plain text, or developing the most complex web-based applications, for a web site intended for the internet or an intranet. The internet is plainly the world wide web. An intranet is a private network, usually used locally within an individual business or industry. Web development, as it is commonly referred to by web professionals, includes writing markup and coding websites, as opposed to the page and layout design aspects of creating a web site.

Web development has evolved into a booming industry on its own since the world wide web has become commercialized. This substantial growth is especially fueled by business operations that want to sell their products and services online. Yet, another contributing factor to the continued growth of the web development industry has been the creation of easy to use software for the purpose of web development. This software makes web development projects possible for virtually any individual who wants to put forth the initiative and program a web site. In addition to many easily understood tutorials available on the internet to learn LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP) for web site programming, free of charge, the more popular and commonly used software for individuals to use are:

* Adobe Dreamweaver

* WebDev

* Microsoft Expression Studio

The tools and technology for the creation of remarkably dynamic and interactive web sites that are accessible on the internet or on an intranet continues in a momentum toward advancement. Now, web developers can create applications and deliver them as web services that used to only be possible on desk based computers. These applications can be the result of the combined efforts of a large number of people, in such as the larger business organizations, or the product of a single webmaster. It involves client and server side coding and a knowledge of database technology.

Basic Web Development

Web developers usually have the following interdisciplinary knowledge and skills:

* Graphic/Web Design

* Information Architecture/Copywriting

Graphic and Web design roles include the design and layout of the web page, while information architecture and copywriting refers to the actual information design with the consideration of be usable and accessible on the web, and search engine optimized.

Advanced Web Development

There are nearly a dozen advanced interdisciplinary skills and knowledge that more professional web developers should possess in addition to the basic interdisciplinaries, though these are not entirely necessary for an individual who is interested in creating a simple web application. These areas of expertise include:

* Audio processing and encoding

* Video processing and encoding

* Animation processing and encoding

* Graphic User Interface Design

* Flash Capabilities

* Web Site Security Analysis and Testing

* Web Site Code Optimization

* Project Management and other aspects of Information Technology Development

Web Developers and Security

Security is an important consideration for a web developer, whether it is the web development of a simple, single site application by a webmaster or a complex, dynamic and interactive site developed for the purpose of e-commerce. Ever-increasing are the numbers of unscrupulous parties whose internet objectives are malicious attacks of web sites to steal confidential and protected information such as passwords, email addresses and credit card numbers. Web developers should test their applications for security measures before making the sites publicly available. For example, contact and other forms in an application should include a captcha field, which cannot be filled in by a computer, to help prevent the application from be exploited.

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