3 tips for managing your online reputation

Your reputation online is everything. So managing your business’s online reputation can often be strategic nightmare. Balancing a multitude of facets in order to promote your organisation can often be an uphill struggle as it requires a mixture of specialised skills and tech savvy employees who are able to find negative brand associations and actively convert them into positive ones.
If your currently have an online reputation management program or are planning to start one. Here are 3 simple steps to provide a little guidance and help your company manage this mammoth task better;

1. Use Software
Software makes life easier. It enables tasks to become automated and allows you to actively search the far reaches of the internet for any mentions of your organisation. Software simply allows you to monitor when and where your mentioned and enables you to facilitate both positive and negative engagement.

2. Strategy Development
Make a list of all types of positive and negative opinions which may occur. Consider these opinions and create plan on how to counter the negative ones and promote the positive ones. Think about how you can handle a problem and increase interest in good promotion. Consider how to reply to both forms and set guidelines on how employees can engage with such comments.

3. Implement a social media policy
Introducing a social media policy within your organisation allows you to counter any disgruntled employees opinions about your company online. It may be an experience with a customer or another employee but social media opinions can cause unneeded storms. By using such a policy your business can counter any internal problems easily.

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