Case Study: Can social media signals make a website move in organic search?

We are currently setting up a case study where we have taken one of our affiliate site that’s currently ranking 3rd in the search engines for its main keyword. This site has had no real social signals sent to it.
For those who don’t know what social signals are; if someone mentions you on a twitter update, for instance;

In this instance, the social signal would be to the URL that is linked to the status – my b-daily articles. The same applies to Facebook updates, Pinterest pins, Linkedin Statuses, etc. Anything that points back to your site on a social site is classed as a social signal.
One of the reasons for this study is because we have noticed sites that have hardly any backlinks but are very active on social media networks have been ranking quite highly within the search engines. So we wanted to create our case study to see if it could help push a website that has become stagnant in the search.

So what are we doing to get hold of social signals?

We have a few tools that we will be using; I won’t mention them on here as they are some secrets we like to keep private.
The other places where we will be gaining the majority of social signals is we are searching for social signals and finding gig’s that have good reviews.
Our aim will be to send around 10-20,000 social signals of the next week. Ideally we will look to send anything between 1-4,000 per day.
I will update this post with our latest amount of social signal’s that have been sent and the influence it is having on the search.

Update 1 – 06/03/2015

We have purchased over 5000 social signals day 1. We have sent them all to the website. I will let you know the results once these have been published.
Current rankings before social metrics have been acquired:
Keyword 1:  3rd
Keyword 2: 10th

Update 2 – 07/03/2015

I have purchased two lots of social signals now.

Keyword 1: 3rd
Keyword 2: 9th – +1 Spot

Social Updates


Update 3 – 11/03/2015

Keyword 1: 3rd (No movement yet)
Keyword 2: 8th (+1 since last update)

Social Media Signals - Latest Update

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