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SEO practices to make the most out of in 2015

online-reputation-managementYou might have heard about SEO back in 2014, but never really implemented it into your business. Why? You must have thought it would be too problematic or that you can’t afford to make that extra expense. The truth is that SEO is an invaluable tool to any business that has used it. Your competitors may be ahead of you, and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to manage to lead the pack. These are some of the SEO practices you need to start making the most of in 2015.

Aligning your content

The SEO efforts you put in should be as good as the experience you create for your target audience. SEO usually works hand in hand with creating great content. Recent studies show that businesses are embracing blog content and web content for content marketing. Many people believe the best way to approach this is by starting with strategic content while applying the best SEO practices out there. This sounds relatively simple right? However, most companies still struggle with properly delegating duties to their teams and deciding which SEO company does this and which one does that. Try and choose a professional team of individuals that specializes in SEO to handle this field and relieve all your SEO headaches.

Find measurement and reports that works

While research studies help us gauge how we’re performing as an industry, we can still have problems when it comes to measuring our efforts, quantifying results and proving our position for SEO budgets. Most marketers use intuition instead of data when it comes to thinking about where to invest their marketing efforts. Reporting is not entirely complex. This year, try and focus on simplifying your data sources. How do you do this? Identify KPIs that impact your business and pull multiple sources of data that can provide real insight to the performance of your business.

Mobile SEO

It’s 2015. You have probably tried to find ways to escape mobile SEO for a while now. Instead of fighting the inevitable, join the team of professionals already using this very important aspect. Take advantage of mobile SEO by creating opportunities for consumers to gain access to your site on the go. You can include videos which briefly explain how to use your product or what your product does, testimonials which show potential buyers what others are saying about your product, etc. Remember that slow sites could reduce your rankings.

Integrate SEO data across a team

Your SEO team is also working toward achieving similar goals as other teams. When this team works with other teams in your company, the outcome can be greater than when they performed alone.  For example, if SEO and PPC were to work together, would you not expect greater results to be accomplished? 

SEO is one of those things you need to stick with while continuously improving it so as to enhance your brand, increase visibility, create a great experience for users, establish relevant content, maintain your online presence, etc. There is nothing SEO can’t do. It isn’t something you can implement in a day, but you can decide to make it work for you in 2015 by implementing one or two of the points discussed above.


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