Increase your click-through rate by telling a story

Once upon a time grabbing your target customer’s attention was relatively easy. Unfortunately with the continuous growth of the internet. Markets have slowly become saturated. With new competition entering your competitive environment on a by-weekly basis capturing that much-needed attention of your target audience has become increasingly difficult.

In the past, you could simply craft a creative email, roll it out to your email subscriber list and watch the clicks and sales roll in. But then with the internet boom it all suddenly changed. The target audiences attention suddenly became very short, and the number of similar strategies increased rapidly.

So how can you capture your readers attention and most importantly maintain it in this hyper-competitive world? My intention in this post is to provide you with a simple three-part formula which will increase your email click-through rate.

I intend to provide you with an overview on how to craft a story which will draw the attention of your target audience and increase your email click-through rate.

Part 1. Paint a picture of the past.

The first objective of your story is to establish your goal is to paint a picture of your reader’s environment as it was.

For example:

“Once upon a time it was easy to grab the attention of your target customers. Few forms of media existed, and you could effortlessly carry your message to the masses.”

Part 2. Add a pinch of drama

The second objective is to create a shift in the readers environment.

For Example:

“But then it suddenly all changed. A shift occurred, and competitors started sending more emails, engaging with their audience and posting more tweets. It simply became much harder to get your message heard above all of the noise.”

Part 3. The solution

The final objective is to demonstrate to your readers how your product can provide a solution to the drama and stabilise their world.

“By telling a story in your email campaigns you can engage with your target audience in a way no one else is. Helping to allow your emails to pass through the noise and drive sales.”

Telling a story manages to resonate with a reader’s pain points and challenges. With the added benefit of helping them to feel the problem and understand the solution your product/service provides and in turn increasing their desire to purchase.

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