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When to Use PPC Ads on Google AdWords:

The main reason that you should use PPC ads should always be about timing. When you need to attract short-term traffic to a new website or to one that needs to meet its quarterly goals, there is never a better time to initiate a PPC campaign. Since PPC’s aren’t going to net your longe-term SEO goals that are effective, just be sure to understand that you are not going to impress anyone with metrics coming off of a PPC advert unless they have absaloutley no clue about how they work or understand that it is only short-term in nature of AdWord’s ads.

In fact, using PPC to build up organic traffic is probably the most cost-effective use of paid ads. Obviously this only works for new websites or new parts to websites that haven’t really got a stable SEO platform built for them yet. These situations are used to increase your “findability”, just be certain that the content you have on the site will draw those “finds” in-it makes no sense to run a PPC if your bounce rate is going to see a higher rise than your sales. Research is always key.

You can also use PPC ads if you have a particularly small site. Obviously, i dont advise your site stays this way. Although in some niche markets it is very marketable and infact much better to keep the sight small. This can be to make the customers feel more close to the business than a cold giant business. In this instance you will need to pretty much rely on PPC ads to get going. Onsite SEO isn’t really going to make a big impact, so outside of advertising and word-of-mouth / blog / links, you’re going to have to get traffic in any other way possible.

Keeping Your PPC Ads Efficient:

Of course, knowing when to apply your PPC ads is only half the battle-the other half is knowing how to run them. To steer clear of waste, you have to follow a few simple rules of AdWords ads:

Keep your PPC ads targeted. This doesn’t just mean keyword targeting, but intent of customer.

Disqualify with negative words. You don’t just want to attract, you want to eliminate leads that will raise your click-through-rate (CTR) without the need for making a purchase.

Don’t bid on position. Big Mistake. You want dedicated leads clicking so you don’t pay for bounces. Bid on conversions rather than ad position since someone looking for your product or service will click on a few. This lowers your spend and increases your ROI.

Keep your eye on the prize. It’s easy to start looking at other metrics such as page view instead of gawking at the number of leads and clients you’re generating with your PPC.

Don’t Let Google make you Panic!

The bottom line here is you dont want to be forced into using PPC ads just because your in need of your keyword data that you have been placing all of your faith in. Trust me, using PPC adds at the wrong time and in the wrong way is detrumental to your wallet. Try switching your SEO tactics instead. This will work much better than being pushed into PPC at the wrong time.

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