Karl HudsonNewcastle is a must see the city for anyone visiting England, and in fact for anyone else who lives in the country and is yet to see it. The city is a vibrant and cosmopolitan one and has within it a host of different attractions to cater to just about anyone. Here is a little information about short breaks in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.

Newcastle is a center of cultural excellence. It has a dazzling quayside that is full of excellent bars, restaurants, and hotels, along with fantastic tourist attractions such as the Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the Angel of the North statue. If you are traveling from the North of England, then you need to look no further than Newcastle to gain the best possible sample.

Much like the rest of England, the city of Newcastle is steeped in history. With almost 2,000 years of history behind it, there is no wonder that there are so many beautiful buildings and sites littered all over. As well as this, there are numerous parks and gorgeous gardens for you to relax in during the summer time, as well as summer festivals and sporting events for the more active amongst us.

What other attractions it has to offer

The city has several other attractions that need to be seen on any trip there. The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art is a free gallery that has exhibitions that are always changing. Repeat visits there, if you have the time, will often turn up different things than you saw on the first time you went. Also look out for the Castle Keep which has a rich history leading back to the 11th century and also offers beautiful views from the battlements.

Poetry lovers will enjoy visiting Newcastle upon Tyne as there is a place which has been set apart for the poetry lovers. This is the Morden Tower which is run by Tom Pickard who is a poet himself. This venue is the main center for a poetry reading in the North East. It was here in Morden Tower that Basil Bunting gave the first reading of Briggflatts in 1965. To this day you will find that Newcastle upon Tyne has a strong reputation as being a poetry-friendly town.

In addition to seeing the Newcastle upon Tyne compression bridge and listening to poetry, you will enjoy visiting the past with Newcastle upon Tyne’s many museums. These museums that you can visit will provide you with a glimpse and understanding into the city’s history. The various museums that you will find in Newcastle upon Tyne include the Great North Museum, the Newburn Hall Motor Museum, and the Discovery Museum.

For those of you with an eye for shopping, the city offers a vast range of high street names and local boutiques that offer a great variety of different styles.

Finally, if it is a little bit of extravagant nightlife that you are seeking then look no further. People come from all over to sample the great nightlife on offer with a host of award-winning underground clubs that play all the different genre’s of music you could hope for. Overall, the city offers a lot for any possible visitor. From the great host of historical sites to visit to all the great shopping, nightlife and culture, there is so much to see and do. You should make sure that you allow at least a few days in which to take in the top wonders of this great city.