• Why Focus on Social Media for Your 2015 SEO Campaign

    In 2010, social media signals are among the important factors that affect a website’s ranking in Google, according to Matt Cutts. This meant that the more likes and followers you earned in your social media account, the more chances you’ll have of rising in the search results. Search engine optimisers, inbound marketers, and other marketing people put more emphasis on gaining a wider following on social media, even buying some followers in the process. However, a significant change happened in January 2014, when Cutts officially announced that Google no longer considers the social signals. This means that you have to change the direction of your SEO promotion too, if you were initially focused on social media.

    Cutts said that Twitter and Facebook pages are already considered as regular web pages in the search engine index. They will send bots to crawl it and take the results into consideration to come up with the appropriate search results. However, the constantly changing number of followers and likes on these social media platforms makes it even more challenging for Google and other search engines to keep up with the changes and consider them in the search results ranking. Instead, they just study the on-page elements of the pages that they can crawl.

    Now, you don’t have to focus as much on the followers and likes on social media. Instead, you should put all your effort into optimising your website and posting on the sites regularly. These are the social signals that are picked up by the search engine bots. The more crawl-able content you have, the more authoritative that social media page will be and the higher you will rank in the search results. We can help you figure these things out. We can also change your social media profile to include a keyword-rich description or bio and increase your rankings even further.

    You’ll know whether the social media aspect of your SEO campaign is working if you type your company name in Google and notice how the search results will also include your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles. If you want to cater to the people who are already curious about your company, improving your online visibility through social media would pay off.

  • Creative ideas to boost your social media marketing

    Boost Your Marketing With Social Media

    To some people, the concept of social media marketing can be likened to rocket science. However, it really isn’t that difficult to come up with creative ideas that will boost your social marketing. The following are some suggestions.


    Social media contests

    People like winning. Create a chance for them to win. Introduce a social media contest where consumers have to guess what a particular object is. Provide a kind of reward to increase motivation. A beer company once posted a picture of one of their 20 beers in a clear mug. They asked the audience what type of beer it was and said the right answer would win a free 6 pack. They told their consumers that a hint was on their website and then provided the link. This gave the business two unique advantages: free traffic and a boost in their online following.


    User Based Decisions

    Your business makes decisions every single day. What products do you need to stock? How many hours will that take? Should you introduce a new product or service? You probably end up making these decisions without thinking to ask your consumers. What was the most important lesson you learned in your marketing class? Listen to the consumers. Social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and twitter are great platforms to interact with your consumers. Post a picture and ask them what they think. The thrill is even greater for them when there are 2 or more products to choose from. You can start with something simple like ‘red vs. white’ and see what your consumers say. They like to be involved in this kind of decision making.


    Caption this…

    This one is a fun way for your consumers to begin interacting with you.  You can post a picture related to your business and tell fans to post the first thing that comes to mind. Adding a little motivation like ‘the funniest comment will win a free T-shirt’ can also boost your following. At the end of all of it, you will end up with a fun game that involves all your consumers and keeps them interested enough to watch out for the next ‘contest’.


    Promotional contests encouraging people to ‘share’ or ‘retweet’

    When a business comes up with a new product, one challenge is to find ways to get the word out about the product. Most businesses know that there is no better way to do this than to get a good recommendation. This is where sharing and retweeting comes in.

    You can tell your consumers to post a status related to the new product. The most shares or retweets will get free tickets to that event you’re hosting this weekend or a free gift voucher. Your consumers will tell their friends to help them win the contest thus making their friends curious about what your product is about.

    These are just some of the ideas your business need to put into good use on your social media platform. If you look closely, you will see that these ideas require no finances on your part (except maybe buying a T-shirt or that gift voucher we mentioned). Get your creative juices flowing and come up with interesting ideas as well. The goal should be simplicity and increasing your online followers.

  • Are There Any Web Design Firms in Croydon

    Croydon does not only house high rise buildings and prominent company buildings such as the Nestle Tower, it also houses web design companies, which you can categorize from A to Z. With the changes the world is experiencing, Croydon is not falling behind.

    Web Design has set the trend in online business. Almost every company you know of has set a website. Web design is very popular as it gives small companies the opportunity to appear bigger in the eyes of their target audience. With the rise of social media, the internet has become the playground of businesses, both big and small. If you are planning on setting up a web page for your business, you might just find what you are looking for in web designers based in Croydon.

    There are different shops and department stores sprouting in the face of Croydon. As you can see, the business industry is very cut-throat. Many businesses come and go. One way of protecting your company from extinction is by establishing a web page for your company. A web page, created by web designers, can help your company exposure, availability, and credibility. Contact your local web design firm in Croydon, and seek professional help. Set up an online shop and make your products and services available in just one click. Making your services and products available online gives you a fighting chance to survive in the already bloody ocean of business. Investing in web design is a wise step for you to take. So, start jotting down your web design idea, search for web design firms available in Croydon, and push those buttons on your telephone.

    Every nation, and every country, has never been the same. Everywhere you look, and every turn of your head, what you will see is a change ñ from dirt roads to pavements, from simple poster to a professional web page. These changes are brought to you by modern technology. And as long as technology continues to progress, you will continue to experience change.

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  • Ecommerce Design and Usability

    Ecommerce design and usability factors have an extraordinary impact on the success or failure of a webpage. Optimizing your ecommerce site according to best usability and design standards is a must for all entrepreneurs thinking of jumping on the bandwagon with an online business. Here are a few tips and guidelines on ecommerce usability and design.

    Perfect Design in ecommerce:

    Ecommerce design is not all about fancy eye-catching colours, layouts; Instead it should be something that shows your visitors how professional and high quality your services/product are/is. If your visitors don’t understand what you sell and cannot figure out how to use your page to find out then they wont spend anything. It is also highly important to develop and design your ecommerce site focusing on SEO factors because more searches means more sales which mean more earnings. Some other key factors to keep in mind are:

    • Categorise products
    • Use easier navigation system
    • Recommend related products
    • Use breadcrumbs
    • Provide internal searching facility
    • Test cross browser compatibility

    Usability Practices that Build Trust:

    Trust plays a vital role in ecommerce. If visitors don’t find your site to be a trust worthy legit site, then you will never be able to generate profit through ecommerce. Use the usability practices that help establishing trust in market and have already been through trial and error:

    • Provide your real and available contact info
    • Use logos, Trustmark’s and security badges of your payment methods in your shopping cart to make them more trust worthy.
    • Disclose all hidden costs; return ability issues, security issues, shipping costs and others.

    Best Usability Practices in Checkout:

    Checkout process affects the actual number of sales in ecommerce. If you can make the checkout process simple and quick to use then visitors will more be more likely to buy from your site. Sometimes complexity and confusion in this process create barriers for customers. So, always try to adopt the best checkout process practices such as:

    • Let them purchase without registration
    • Show a confirmation page before they submit the order
    • Break up the checkout process into number of easily understood steps
    • Show order details with each and every cost associated with it
    • Show easily visible and understood checkout button and shopping cart
    • Don’t ask for unnecessary information

    Ecommerce Design Factors – Layout Trends:

    You must make an appropriate layout for your ecommerce site. The trendy ecommerce layouts have content, rich and longer homepages with fixed headers. Another big issue is responsiveness. Now we are seeing more and more visitors using mobile devices and tabs to access ecommerce sites. So, make sure that your site is responsive in nature so that anyone can get the actual layout of your site using whatever device they have. Some other factors that are an absolute must for the current trend are:

    • Larger visual elements
    • Social media badges
    • Product comparison section (if needed)
    • Promo products section

    Well, there are lots of them. But you must keep an eye on the market as with everything in the world evolution is prominent online. Here comes the issue of flexibility in design and usability. Make sure when doing changes that your ecommerce design is easy enough to readjust effectively at any time. Also keep continuity on the standard of usability of your ecommerce site. This will ensure that customers you already have will not be startled by changes and it is still a comfortable way for your visitors to surf your page.

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  • Affordable Website Design

    In the age of technology that we live in today it has become essential for each and every company to have a web presence. This is to effectively market one’s products and services. Even individuals now have their own websites. But if you run a business or an organization, then you will definitely need to have a website to create awareness about your services, or risk not making anywhere near as much potential customers and profit as you could be making.

    To create a website doesn’t need to be taxing on your wallet, with only a little money on the Internet you can go a long way. You have a few affordable web design options. Even if you are not technology literate or you just don’t have the manpower to develop your website online, you can always hire the services of a reputed design firm to take the heavy load of your hands. However, you cannot just pick a company and let them take over the design phase for you. You want to do some research and use a few important criteria that I will go on to explain to you now.

    First of all, check to see that the company you are interested in has a nice back catalogue of clients who they have created websites for. Go through this catalogue to see the quality of their work. See if there style matches what you are looking for and see if you they have made websites for any companies that have similar products or services as your own. This will give you an idea of how your website will turn out when they design it for you. So, research is key. Make sure you have checked them out before deciding on hiring them or not.

    Secondly, when the Internet was still in its infant phase. Companies charged fortunes for a simple little website. Now it has all changed. You want to find a company that charges a reasonable price for the services. Usually companies that charge you outstanding amounts will also try to squeeze as much more out of you as possible.

    Finally, choose a company that will give you a free quote for their web services. Some companies may not have a price on hand and you want to avoid these services. Go for a company that is transparent and is ready to give you a free quote for their services right from the start.

    There are lots of different website design services out there, but not all of them would be up to your standard. Some might be well known companies and well respected, this means they could charge heavily for their services. Others may provide services at a reasonable rate, but their quality may be lacking severely. Therefore use this simple criteria to choose a business that is not only established, well reputed and will carry out your web design needs, but will also match the budget you have set. Select a company with a good back catalogue, which can provide a free quote for an affordable web design service. This will help you to find the balance between quality and cost. Therefore getting you a professional looking website at a price that makes your wallet smile.

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  • Definition of Responsive Web Design

    What is responsive web design? In essence it is when the design of the website responds to the dimensions of the screen. In lamens terms, a website built to be responsive, takes note of the height and width of the screen (actually, the viewable area is usually a browser window, as in Internet Explorer), and adjusts the web page layout to fit the viewable area appropriately (according to what the web designer or creative director deem appropriate).

    This is normally used in web layouts; responsive web design can go well beyond layouts. Primarily achieved using media queries which is code language. Responsive web design empowers you to produce web pages that are independent of the viewable area.

    Responsive Web Design Case Examples

    I think a good example would be a web page that is used for computers and mobile phones, wherein the links in the top menu would be more workable repositioned as a vertical list, rather than a horizontal bar going across. This is not only achievable but the sort of details you will encounter during ur time using Responsive web design.

    If you have a grid in your layout where 10 thumbnails fit nicely across on a regular desktop computer monitor, those thumbnails would have to be nearly microscopic to fit 10 across on an iPad or iPhone. With a responsive design you can change it so that if the width of the device is as short as an iPad, it only places 7 thumbnails across, then only 4 thumbnails across for an IPhone may work well.

    A lot of website contact forms have a sidebar area (or two) for up-sale and other purposes. This is brilliant for a desktop computer, but on a smart phone, not so good because the form and the sidebar both are shrunken down too small to read. With responsive web design the form can be made to fill the screen and the sidebar could be hidden, placed underneath, “replaced” by other smaller versions with the same message, almost anything is possible.

    Responsive Web Design vs. Liquid Layouts

    For a while now, there have been web page layouts that flex to the size (usually the width, specifically) of the browsers window, known as liquid layouts. These are still in use today, although they’ve never been as common as the typical fixed layout you’ll find on most websites, this is where the layout stays the same no matter what the viewable area maybe. Liquid layouts are more commonly used for mobile devices, as they can be counted upon to fit every mobile screen size. This sort of layout is usually kept very simple, like a grid of thumbnails or a list of buttons. But if you took that same layout and let it span the width of a desktop monitor, you will probably find it to be too sparse, too stretched or everything is oversized.

    Responsive web design includes taking advantage of both liquid and fixed layouts, to accommodate for all screen sizes. Making your business/product/service available for all no matter where they are or what they are doing.

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  • Why Is Professional Website Design Important?

    You may already be aware of the importance associated with having a website for your business. With that said, you may not be aware of precisely how important it is to the success of your business.

    For instance, did you know that more than 80 percent of consumers turn to the Internet for information on services and products prior to making a purchase? Websites are a necessity for most businesses today. If you do not have a great website, you could be missing out on business and putting your company at risk. A great website can be an essential tool for informing your customers about your business and generating leads and sales.

    No matter what kind of business you may have, you can benefit from a professionally designed website. While it might seem easier to try to go it alone in designing your website, there can be many benefits associated with working with a professional website design company.

    While the benefits of having a website for your business are undeniable, it is also important to make sure that your website is professionally designed. There is simply too much competition today to present anything less than the best website possible. Users today expect a website that loads quickly and offers easy navigation. In addition, it is important to ensure that your website offers the latest options. A website that loads slowly, is difficult to navigate or reflects an out of date design could actually drive away visitors rather than attract leads. A professional website design company can help you make a great first impression while also attracting business to your company.

    Not only can you be assured that your website will present the right image, but working with a team of experts can also help to save you a tremendous amount of time. With the time that you save, you can focus on other important aspects of your business, thus presenting you the opportunity to grow your business even more.

    Experts understands exactly what is needed to help design a website that will send the right message to your visitors and customers. Whether your business has an outdated website that needs to be updated or you need an entirely new site designed from scratch, it is important to choose a professional website design company that can provide you with a reliable website solution. Let an expert help you create a website that will take your business to the top.

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  • Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

    Choose clean and professional fonts for your typography. Your text should be a contrast to its background and surrounding space, so it’s not hard on the eyes. Typography is used to communicate with the audience and this helps set the tone, and its legibility has a big impact on how a message will be received; so use it properly.

    Consider using the grid-based approach to create stunning graphics and balance in your art. Learn how to use grids and you will see that your regular designs can turn into great designs.

    Remember that simple is beautiful. If your design is over the top, it might not achieve its purpose.

    Know your audience so you’ll know how to design for them.

    Understand the colour theory so you can implement them in your graphics because colours give off certain moods. If you know how to use the colours, you’ll have more control on the impact of your art work.

    Learn how to use software for graphic design, such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc.

    When designing a logo, start simple by creating it on a solid black background and then when you have the feel of your logo, you can move on to adding colour and other details.

    Always stay in constant communication with your client so that your work meets your client’s requirements. Understand what they want for the design so they don’t get frustrated with the finished product. Provide daily updates and progress status because they might change their ideas during the design process. It is easier to make the changes while you’re still working on the project rather than make the changes when the design is complete.

    Accept constructive criticism so you can improve and ask for other’s opinions about your work, so you can revise if needed.

    Use these graphic design tips and turn from a complete beginner into a highly qualified graphic designer.

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  • The Skills and Techniques of Web Designers

    Web design usually relates to the front-end skills and disciplines necessary for the production and maintenance of web sites. The art of web design did not really start evolving to what it is known as today until around 1996, when the first truly competitive web browser was released by Microsoft. Since that time, the techniques used in web design have since progressed to be very powerful and allow for the development of truly graphic, interactive and versatile web sites. Skills and techniques necessary for good web design include the following:

    * Typography

    * Page Layout

    * Code Quality

    * Design of the Visual Aspects of the Web Site

    * Design of the User Experience

    The more successful websites are designed using only a small selection of fonts per site. Most web designers prefer to use either sans serif or serif fonts, avoiding the use of a combination of the two. Modern browsers are known to recognize certain “safe” fonts, which sans serif or serif are, and web designers normally choose these fonts in order to avoid possible web site complications when the site goes live on the world wide web. An increasing number of successful web sites use white spaces that break up the text into paragraphs and do not use center aligned text in their layouts.

    The web site page layout should be designed in consideration of the best possible navigation of the user. Pages throughout a web site should have a consistent layout. Width of the page is also a critical consideration. Most successful web sites have page widths of approximately 1024 pixels and are center aligned to appeal to the aesthetic pleasure of visitors that have larger screens.

    Web sites should be coded in accordance with the most recent standards. For example, when coding an HTML page the correct doctype declaration should be made. A web site can still be basically functional if it is not coded in align with current standards, but attention to standards can improve readability of the page layout and make sure that elements defined in a page are closed when appropriate.

    A web designer should understand the trends of the web site’s intended audience. A good visual design of a website identifies and should work well for its targeted market. Also, a good site design will not conflict with the content that appears on the site. Proper design means the visitor will be able to easily navigate around the site and be able to locate the desired information or products being promoted.

    Ultimately, good web design leads to a satisfactory user experience. The user must be able to understand the site and how he or she can interact with it. The overall experience that the user achieves is directly related to the website layout, how clearly the instructions on the site are made and the web site’s labeling. A website should also encourage continued use The web design should be focused on more universal use and easy access so that users that possess all levels of web experience and skills can successfully accomplish the goal behind the web site’s intention.

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  • Core Aspects of Graphic Design

    Before you learn about the core aspects of graphic design, it is important to know about the elements used in graphic design. These are often combined to create different works of graphic design. They include such elements as:

    • Shapes
    • Lines
    • Color
    • Type
    • Photography, Art and Illustration
    • Texture

    That mention, you will now learn about the core aspects of graphic design. These include advertising, illustration and logo design.

    1. Advertising

    Advertising is one of the core aspects in graphic design. You find it in magazines, television, the internet, newspapers and even on outdoor billboards. The graphic designer will use words and images to send a message to the audience persuading viewers to take some form of action on the services/ products advertised.

    Advertising has vast job opportunities. After digital media was developed, digital advertising came into being. Today, you can also go into mobile, social network and internet advertising.

    2. Illustration

    There is a beautiful balance between graphic design and fine art in the field of illustration. Drawn images are effective for communication. Today, illustrators use such advanced programs as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create visual representations to translate information to the visually aware consumer.

    Images are used for galleries, the screen and print. The possibilities for creativity in this core aspect of graphic design are limitless. Artistic illustrators are at the center of advertising campaigns. This has increased the volume of illustration work.

    3. Logo Design

    Another of the core aspects of graphic design, logo design helps viewers identify services and products using simplified name compositions, images or combinations of both.

    It involves formulation of concepts, sketching, re- sketching, choosing color themes and implementing the logo. Designers have clear impressions about the principles and concept of the brand alongside a deep understanding of the group targeted by the brand.

    Today, graphic design is more interesting than ever before. It includes many other aspects such as typography, packaging, magazine and book design among others. However, the above three are the core aspects of graphic design.

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  • Choosing the best content management system

    Content Management Systems have exploded in popularity in recent years and for good reason. They are one of the most reliable, and easy to use web developer tools in the history of the internet. Content Management Systems offer speed and efficiency that web developer needs to build fast and powerful sites that users like. However, due to the sheer number of content management systems on the web, choosing the correct one has become more and more difficult. If you are interested in learning more about content management systems as well as how to choose the best CMS, be sure to check out this article.

    To begin, what is a Content Management System? In essence, a Content Management System or CMS is a web app that is designed to modify HTML in an easy and efficient way. The content is developed on the internet by the website owner, then the resulting document or content is displayed on the website.

    There are many different reasons why you should use a content management system. The predominant reason is ease of use. Using a CMS allows a website owner or developer to easily create and edit unique content.

    There are several things that you want to look for in a strong content management system. First, you want to make sure that the installation of the content management system will be easy and stress free. You also want to check any extensions of the CMS that could add more features and benefits to your website. However, you also want make sure that the interface is simple enough for you. Finally you want to take a look at the user community. A helpful community that can assist you if you have any problems is definitively is a benefit.

    In general, most websites use one of the five major content management systems which would be Drupal, WordPress, Radiant CMS, Magento, and Silverstripe. I’ll go an overview of these five Content Management Systems.

    Drupal is a pretty popular open source CMS. It is easy to use with a variety of modules of modules, themes, developers, and distributers. Over 900,000 people use Drupal, sprinkled across 228 countries. Drupal is used by sites like The Economist and The White House.

    Next is WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular and powerful Content Management Systems on the Internet. It is used by millions of bloggers online who use WordPress’s thousands of themes, plugins, and more. It has a simple installation and while originally a blogging system, it has developed into one of the best content management systems in the world.

    Next is Radiant CMS, produced by Ruby on Rails. Simplistic and easy to use, it makes creating and editing content easy. It is similar to Silverstripe. Magento is mainly used for e-commerce and online stores.

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  • Things to consider when outsourcing website design

    Outsourcing is an affordable way to gain the services of someone with a specific skill set or expertise. Outsourcing website design is commonly done to reduce costs and to obtain quality website designs from experienced providers.
    There are numerous things to consider when one outsources their web design.Hiring contractors for website design jobs is a relatively straightforward process. Clients post their requirements on a freelance hiring company and wait for proposals or applications. Choosing a contractor depends on several factors.
    First and foremost is expertise and experience. Asking for a sample is a good way to gauge an applicant’s skills. Interviewing applicants is also a good way to gauge professionalism, willingness and communication skills.
    Choosing the contractor with the cheapest rate is usually a recipe for disaster. Choose contractors with excellent skills and with a large portfolio of past projects related to your own. Even if you do end up with a contractor with a higher asking rate, in the long run, hiring an experienced contractor will reduce risks and save you and your company money. Get the financial stuff over with as soon as possible. Set the terms of the contract, the payment scheme and the possibility of earning a bonus. This avoids any misunderstanding that may pop up as the project progresses.Communication between the client and the contractor is always vital for any outsourcing task. Clients must make sure that their vision for the website design is something that the contractor understands. Scheduling a time to check up on the contractor’s progress will ensure that the project is completed on time.Be sure to consult the contractor regarding things you want to incorporate and make sure that the contractor informs you of the changes that they’ve done. Setting up a change log where the contractor can note down what’s he’s done for the day is a great way to gauge the project’s progress. Remember that you’ve hired a website design expert so treat your contractor like one.If the project is successful, maintain contact with the contractor.Good workers in any field are hard to find. Building a relationship with a professional website designer is a great asset for any individual or company.

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  • The Popularity of Responsive Web Design

    The needs for web traffic have changed tremendously and people using  many types of devices to access the web. People want to visit websites  that are user friendly. A responsive design goes a long way in making  sure that the experience of the visitors is enhanced. Here are reasons  for the popularity of responsive design.

    <h2>Mobile Dominance</h2>

    The birth of responsive web design was because mobile statistics started  mushrooming. As many people owned hand held devices, it was discovered  that the web content was not accessible using the tiny screens. To solve  this problem, responsive design was chosen to provide the right answer.

    <strong>Fills what Apps Left out</strong>

    Apps are not the best answer in a society that’s fully saturated with  mobile apps. Many reputable businesses will not find it good creating an  app to solve just every kind of a problem out there. Moreover, not all  gadgets are android so there is need to cater for the need of the entire  mobile market by enabling them access web content rather than creating  apps. Responsive design enables a business website do what it’s supposed  to be doing rather than get it bogged down by app development.

    <h2>Requirements of Multiple Devices</h2>

    There are many mobile gadgets out there: phones, tablets, netbooks and  notebooks among others. Because all of these devices can be used to  access the internet, there is no way that a static design can please  everyone. Most of these devices demand a responsive design.

    <h2>Design necessity</h2>

    Responsive designs represent design phenomenon regardless of its far  reaching implications. As an important design feature, it’s worked on to  take away some important web presence aspects. After all, you can now  see everything which you can see from your desktop when you access the  same content with your mobile device.

    No matter the CMS which you use and the industry you are in, responsive  design is very important. People can access your content no matter the  device they are using.

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  • The Ingenius Art of Graphic Design

    A graphic designer is an expert in visual communication. He is the man behind the optical idea and pictorally presented message. Common uses for graphics design are the establishment of identity through creation of a logo or brand design, advertising and product packaging. A graphic design project involves stylizing and presenting text and images that relay an underlying meaning. Through the use of a combination of words, images and symbols the graphics design is a complete presentation that requires artistic and professional disciplines including:

    * Typography

    * Visual Arts

    * Page Layout Techniques

    * Interface Design

    * User Experience Design

    A graphic designer must be a master at the techniques of typography. He must be able to craft, modify and arrange the script message of the graphic in such as way as to be attractive and to have specific intent of relaying the visual message in the most appropriate manner.

    Visual art skills must be applied to the design before any of the other graphic art elements. This is the means by which the other elements are originated. Visual art works can be anything from photography and computer generated art to art originating from other more traditional media.

    When the elements of the graphic design are ready to be arranged, page layout techniques must be applied in order the images and text reflect the desired style. Improper page layout can alter the message or create confusion in the mind’s eye of the viewer. It is up to the graphic designer to develop the most perfect page layout for the graphic elements to be displayed.

    Interface design comes into play when the graphic designer finds himself with a project that entails working with software and web designers to develop a specific look and feel of a website. The graphic designer must combine his visual skills with communication skills to create a desired experience for an interactive web site user or visitor. Interface design falls hand in hand with the user experience design in that the graphic designer must take into consideration how the web site user or visitor responds to the interface developed and make the adjustments necessary in order that the desired end result be ultimately achieved.

    The graphic designer’s mind is probably his most important tool. Good judgement and a high level of creativity are required to create a graphic design in addition to just the use of technology. Design layouts are the aggregate sum of the designer’s ability to think critically, analytically, quantitatively and through observation.

    The arrangement, style and medium of the presentation are also important. The proper development and presentation of the layout can dramatically alter the way in which the graphic design is perceived by its target audience. Computers provide an essential tool for the graphic designer to use in order to see the immediate effect of layout changes and to simulate traditional media effects without the requirement of a lot of time or space. Ideas can be easily experimented with and developed in order that the ultimate message and meaning be most appropriately conveyed.

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  • Five Ways to Achieve Online Business Growth

    Increasing the traffic to your business website is extremely beneficial to the growth of your business. Listed below are the five best and most effective ways of growing your business online.

    Market Research Specific to your Business

    Identify a keyword specific to your business using the Google keyword tool. The highest ranked domains in Google for this keyword should be noted. By using Quantcast, an accurate demographic understanding of your market is possible. Next, use Google analytics to get a detailed picture of traffic to your website. Information about bounce rates, length of visits, and other media referrals can be obtained by the use of Google analytics.

    Link Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts to your Business

    If you have not yet linked your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your business, it is essential that you do them immediately. These two accounts are indispensable to growing your business online. Further, you should style your Facebook page with your business logo, and also integrate your business brand. Your presence in the social media builds trust with business clients.

    Start Your Own Blogs

    The traffic to your business website can be improved dramatically by posting your blogs on your Blogger page in WordPress. You can visually integrate your blogs to your website to improve traffic further. Take care to input the main keyword in the title of your blogs. You must have your keyword preferably at least one time in the body of the blog as well. For continued good traffic to your business website, your blog must be updated once in a week or once in two weeks.

    Integrate Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting for Your Business Website

    Re-write and re-design your business website to be more suitable for SEO. This will help to improve the Google rankings of your website. An improvement in the Google rankings automatically leads to an increase in your business turn-over.

    Hire a Virtual Assistant

    Hiring a Virtual Assistant will give you more time to concentrate on critical business engagements. The Virtual Assistant can do the blog posting on various sites for you. Further, your article marketing can also be taken care of by the same person.

    To summarise, it can be said that by adopting these five strategies, you can increase your business online. Moreover, hiring a Virtual Assistant ensures that you have more time and freedom to concentrate on your business activities.

  • Understanding the grid-based approach to design

    There are plenty of examples in nature where symmetry and proportions rule. They have been used since time immemorial in various fields including art and architecture. Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is perhaps the best example of how nature celebrates symmetry. Today, graphic designers all over the world use symmetry and proportions through the grid based design theory. The main idea behind a grid based design is to create a solid visual and structural balance in websites. When the layout appears structured, websites seem to be visually appealing can easy to follow. The New York Times website and Yahoo! are some of the best examples of grid based designs

    Although the grid based system was a product of the Constructivist Art, it slowly yet steadily moved into the domain of commercial design. When it comes to using the grid based approach, it is all about using mathematics where ratios and equations dominate the design. As a student interested in this approach, you will have to be familiar with ratios and proportions; from rational, whole number ratios, and irrational proportions. These ratios will have to be used to come up with designs that are functional, coherent, yet aesthetically appealing. Thus as you can see grids are not always about squares, it is about proportions. Graphic designers today have access to several tools to design their own grid based design. Some of these include:

    phiRatio e67: This is an iOS tool that helps designers to calculate the different proportions including the ‘Golden Proportion’. For the uninitiated, the ‘Golden Proportion’ refers to a rule that if you were to divide a line into two parts, the longer part divided by the smaller part is equal to the sum of the two parts divided by the longer part. This tool is very useful when designing layouts, defining canvas sizes, and deciding typographical proportions.

    Fluid Baseline Grid System: This is an HTML & CSS3 development kit that provides a foundation to design websites with ease. They can be used create a visual rhythm and structural balance to help the experience of predictable patterns.

    Guide: This is a column, rows and midpoint tool for Photoshop CS4 and CS5. And best of all, this is free.

    There are several other tools that can help graphic designers come up with designs that help in designing a layout. While this is an effective tool to help designers come up with effective layouts for their website designs, it is also important for them to embrace asymmetry and chaos with equal enthusiasm. Chaos when used effectively adds more character to a design than order and balance. It should be the effort of the designer to excel in designs of both these characters.

    Learn more of GetMediaWise. https://www.getmediawise.com/

  • Breakdown Of Website Design Cost

    When creating a budget for a business that includes website design cost, it is important for the owner to consider the different variables that will determine the final cost of this type of project. The cost of website design can vary significantly depending upon what type of site the business wants to develop and what functions and features will be included in the design of the site.

    The majority of website designers charge a business on a project basis. This does not include the additional fee that will be charged if there are any changes, additions, etc. This fee is open-ended and can grow at an astounding rate so it is important for an individual to have a clear vision of what they want before they compare the rates for website design cost.

    Knowing what the purpose and intent of the website will be will be a definite factor in what type of website you are wishing to employ. If the website will be used primarily as an advertising tool that will not require information on every page to be updated regularly then a static website will be sufficient to meet most of the needs of a small business. However, if a website designer is asked to create a static website then this means there is a lot of work involved post creation, as in manually updating each page individually as that is the way it would have had to been created.

    Businesses may require a website to be more interactive, provide forms and flow seamlessly and may request a dynamic website which creates web pages, interactive forms, updates, etc., and or automatically using a database. This then means that the website designer needs to spend the most of his/her time on databases and templates for the site, which allows for automatic features that are provided.

    There are six different web design layouts that are used by most designers frequently. When an individual views websites whilst surfing the web they may begin to see layout patterns appear. Website colours, styles, etc., these are not static and must be updated regularly to be effective.

    If a business should choose to have a static website designed then they need to understand that entails hiring an extra member of staff or losing a member of staff from their workforce who is computer/internet savvy; This is to maintain the website, giving regular updates to keep up to date with the current trends, too keep customers interested and to keep achieving the highest cliental.

    In a perfect world you would like to hire a combination website developer and designer. The website developer has expertise in the necessary programming language and practical elements of creating a website while the website designer has the artistic expertise to create a website that flows and will have a longer marketing effectiveness without to much maintenance. The companies that offer both of these experts are normally always the best choice for getting an easily manageable, longevity of a website. Created to the standard you, as the client in this case, would like to achieve for you business front on the Internet.

  • Top 7 Benefits for Hiring the Best Web Design Agency

    Designing or even redesigning a website requires a lot of planning and research to make sure you achieve successful results for business growth. While you are planning to opt out one appropriate web solution, you must consider hiring one of the top web design agencies to get the best website design results.

    I am going to help you in explaining some of the benefits for hiring one of the best web design agencies for your web design or web revamp services. The professional web designers help you to:

    1. Plan out an effective and efficient online strategy to ensure smooth business process through a website.

    2. Develop a fantastic web design for your business that can get you a great position and ensure you more business opportunities.

    3. Include unique web content in the right place with the right font to make the visitors look and read what you want them to be focused on. Create a balanced design to entice the users and provide relevant information at the same time.

    4. Ask website design experts to incorporate interactive elements that can retain the visitors or entice them to visit regularly. Key attractions can be in the form of videos, forums, blogs, picture gallery etc.

    5. A website design company will allow you or give you the option to launch regular social media campaigns that will boost your word of mouth advertising and building branding.

    6. Such website companies have experts who can use analytic tools. This is to check progress of your site, how well it is ranking, how many searches it gets etc.

    7. Get up to date with the latest trends to stay ahead of your competition by using their extensive up to date knowledge.

    The web design company will also make sure it provides you a website design solution that can help you to obtain good search engine rankings successfully. The web designers will ensure a user-friendly and SEO friendly website to help you get the best possible results.

    While you are searching for a suitable website design company, you may be tempted to sign the first deal put in front of you to speed the process up. However, a little research will help you to make the right decision that can maximize your return on investment. Without wasting your time, you can check their back catalogue and read their testimonials to find out their experience and expertise in developing a variety of web designs for different business sectors. Even check to see if they have made any websites for any business that offer similar products and services as yours.  Make sure that the company you are wanting to use can give you a price up front and don’t beat around the bush, when it comes to pricing set prices are always best.

    Once you are done with the research, you can enjoy all of the benefits I listed above by signing a non-disclosure agreement with the renowned website company you have chosen.

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