• Monday – North East Marketing News Round Up

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    Each week we will be doing a marketing news round up for the previous week. Starting 22nd August 2016, we will be publishing a blog post once a week summarising the latest news within the region. As the North East is becoming a central hub for marketing and tech start-ups.

  • The Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Make

    Those who truly understand social marketing have reaped great rewards from it. Those who are busy following this group of successful people have had trouble explaining the time and money they put into this venture. A social media marketing strategy needs to achieve the following: authenticity, consistency, patience, and great content. Two traits that contribute to failure are laziness and inexperience. These are some of the mistakes you have been making:

    Expecting something from nothing

    Posting on Facebook or Twitter once a month while having your annual blog post is great… if you’re looking to maintain your audience of loyal friends and your employees. People use social media to have conversations. They want to engage others as well as be engaged. They want to learn from authoritative people and get access to information they would never have had access to while offline. Your monthly blog post just doesn’t give this to them. You probably don’t even go through the comments made after you write down your 5 paragraphs. Wow. When you stick to these methods, you will end up drastically reducing your chances of prospects finding you.

    Being a poor listener

    You are going to have to apply the same listening skills you apply in face to face conversations on the online web. How do you listen online? By giving others time to speak. Who are the ‘others’? Lost fans need not get carried away with this one. The others are clients, consumers, industry experts, etc. Never rush to make comments without reading status updates or tweet carefully. Ask questions not to show your intellect, but to feed your curiosity.

    Concentrating on making a sale and not connecting

    Want to lose followers at lightning speeds? Just try making a sale with every tweet or status update you post. Everyone wants their social marketing strategies to give them high ROI so they make the critical mistake of always concentrating on profiting. Social media marketing is about forming relationships with consumers. You need to get to know them. They don’t want you to constantly remind them about the new products you have on sale.

    You think about yourself too much

    This is one of the quickest ways to lose your online following. If your social marketing revolves around how great you are, how much experience you have, how privileged others would be to work with you, etc. you are missing the whole point of social media. Be a giver, not a taker. People are looking for interesting stuff to read. If you give them this, you are creating a group of loyal consumers one person at a time.

    Deleting negative comments

    You would think it counterintuitive to leave negative comments on your blog for everyone to see. After all, you don’t want your consumers finding out about a flaw in your product, right? Wrong. Negative comments present you with a unique opportunity to transform an unsatisfied consumer into a satisfied one… in public! This will give you a chance to look good in front of your other consumers- a re-assurance they needed that they did indeed make the right choice by investing in you.

    These are just some of the most critical mistakes businesses make when going about their social media marketing. Learn from others’ mistakes and don’t let this be you. There is nothing as important as securing a strong online presence.

  • Are There Any Available SEO Companies In Berkshire?

    Berkshire is a small county in the west end of London. It is known for the Windsor Castle where King Henry VI of England was born. Berkshire is also popular for housing popular actors, actresses, and monarchs. Additionally, a simple search in Wikipedia or search engines will tell you that Berkshire houses United Kingdom’s largest business park. It would never come as a surprise that Berkshire will soon house the largest SEO industry in the UK.

    Search engine optimization is the latest trend in obtaining organic and natural, and free web traffic for a website. It is free because the traffic is brought by web content or articles. These articles can be published in electronic magazines or article directories online. Publishing is free, all you need is to find a website, which hosts web contents and articles, paste or upload your content and article, and click the submit button.

    The SEO industry is budding established firms and new upstart firms. If you hit the search button of on Google or MSN, you can see SEO companies are all over the world. If you are looking into tapping the market, you can easily do so. In Berkshire, SEO consulting companies are all around and some even provide SEO training. This creates an opportunity for you to be an expert in the industry, and soon, you can establish your own SEO consulting firm or work for the most profitable SEO Company around.

    Increasing your web page traffic can be done through search engine optimization. For your localized business in Berkshire, you can easily talk to experts and find that expert SEO firm suited for your web page needs. If you still don’t have a web page to begin with, some SEO firms do not only offer search engine optimization service, they can also offer you web design and development services. You can be assured that you will find at least one SEO company in Berkshire, which can offer you more than just an SEO.

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  • NEW: Website In line With Our New Geographical Strategy

    You may have noticed that our website has been down for just over one week and had been replaced by a splash page. This was because we have decided to go with a geographical strategy, so each domain extension we have will have its own targets i.e. .nl (Netherlands) .de (Germany) .se (Sweden) and so on.

    It has also allowed us to create v3 of our website. Which is a lot slicker, quicker loading and essentially bug free, it will also work perfectly across all devices, this, put simply, illustrates what we can do for you and your business.

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  • Internet marketing tips for small business

    Most small business owners do not have the big bucks to market their business like the large companies do. This does not mean though that they should forget all about marketing as this is vital for the well-being and the success of their businesses. Since traditional marketing tool cost and arm and a leg, the best thing for small businesses to do is to make use of internet marketing tools.

    Know Your Market

    Keep in mind that your internet marketing endeavor will never be successful if you do not know who your target market is. There is no need to pay for a fancy marketing study to look for your your target market; if you know your product then you know who you cater to. Once you have a clear profile for your target market, what you need to do is to determine how best to reach them online. You can make us of blogs or even social networking sites.

    Set a Realistic Budget

    One good thing about internet marketing is that it can be successful even if you do not have much money. Just bear in mind though that while sticking to the free forms of online marketing will have great effects, it may also be to your benefit to get some paid ads. However, since you are taking out ads online, you will still pay less than what you wold normally pay for regular ads.

    Get to Work on Branding

    The world of online business is pretty harsh and you need to make a name for yourself. This is what branding is for and brand awareness can do wonders for your business. For your website not to be confused with that of another company’s, splurge a little on getting your own domain name as this is one investment that is sure to pay off.

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  • Content Marketing – Is Content is King?

    With many businesses opening across different industries, online marketing has become a very crucial element in the growth and development of businesses. One of the most popular methods of internet marketing is search engine optimization. This marketing technique works by heightening the ranking of businesses on search engines such as Google and Bing. The higher a business ranks, the better the traffic, the more revenue the site can generate. However, content is a very important aspect of search engine marketing. Many people may ask why content is king in internet marketing.

    First, content is used to engage visitors when they visit a website. If your website lacks great content, you will not catch the attention of the visitor. You have to develop great content that matches your products and services to make visitors engrossed. If the content you have posted on your website is unique and makes sense, you will make visitors spend more time reading and the information contained on your website can turn them into potential buyers. A colourful website in terms of graphics can shun clients from buying when there is no unique content posted.

    The content that you place on your website will also determine the ranking of your online business. Google uses special tactics that rank websites, and if your website does not have unique content, it will not feature among the best businesses on the first page. Great content is presentable to the search engine, and it can guarantee you higher ranking and business.

    If you want to improve on sales by generating more traffic to your website, content is a prerequisite to achieving your goals. You need a professional who can write unique content to market your website. There are marketers who specialize in search engine optimization, and you can employ them in generation of distinctive content for business improvement.

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  • Online Marketing Strategies for Success

    There are lots of different ways to make money online, but before you start any online business, you will need to put some things into consideration. First you will be required to be diligent in choosing your choice of online business. Though internet is known to contain several hundred of money making opportunities, but also be reminded that, it can also be a junkyard of scams and other fake money making offers. So, you will have to be very careful in selecting your online business. It will further be of help to you, to choose that type of business that requires little or no start up capital. This will help you to minimize the risk of losing money, while transacting business online. And in addition, try to select your adept business. I mean that type of business that you love and enjoy doing all the time. Internet offers you the choice of turning your passion and interest to your e-commerce and this will further boost your chance to be successful online.

    Having e-commerce website, is one of the best way to make money online. Your e-commerce could be, online stores, consultants, merchants, and so on; the choice is yours to select any business that you want. And apart from e-commerce, you can also have a blog and this is another better opportunity to make money online. However you will need to know that, having just e-commerce or blog, is not a guarantee of success. You will be required to implement the latest in the world of marketing to boost your business.

    Online marketing strategies for success;

    Of course, entrepreneurs may not need not to be told, that there is now way their business can survive under the present stiff competition without adequate internet marketing. Online is the best place for business owners to advertise their product and services and establish a good reputation for their company. But one obvious fact is that internet marketing can be efficient and productive, only if it is done in the right way. This form of marketing entails adequate knowledge, because if the process is handled clumsily, there are possibilities for it to fail to achieve its aims and besides, there is a need to implement the use of modern strategies, as it will not be of any help to your business, if you continue to make use of outdated mode of internet marketing.

    Internet marketing is cheap and cost effective. It provides the opportunity for business owners, small, medium or big to advertise their company, with their product and services at very low cost. Apart from this, there is also the ease in use. It is very easy set up and implements internet marketing for your business, you will only be required to have adequate knowledge and skills to do this. In addition, this form of marketing will help you to reach out to the widest possible audience online, within shortest period of time, as the medium, gives you the opportunity to get reach millions of people worldwide, within a short period of time, thereby helping to create a brand awareness of your products and service.

    Components of internet marketing;

    Social media; Social media is deemed an element of everyone’s lives in which both, men, women, old and young, now make use of various social media as a means to interact with friends and families. But apart from this, social media has also become a strong component of internet marketing. Those business owners, who refused to include the use of social media marketing, in their overall strategy, do not realized what they are missing, as this is a very powerful traffic source. This is a reliable marketing tool that has a wider reach as well as ability to build an extensive network for your business.

    People needs to understand how to harness the power of various social networks on internet, particularly, Facebook, to boost the prospects of their business. This is a platform where all online marketers should embrace, mostly because of the sheer volume of people accessing facebook website site at any given time of the day.

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  • Will google plus overtake facebook?

    Google dominated the virtual world until Facebook emerged as its strong contender. Even Orkut, Google’s poor social media cousin couldn’t keep pace with Facebook’s popularity. There are countless statistics to prove that an average netizen spends 3 out of 4 online minutes on this hugely popular social network channel. Not to be left behind Google has decided to try and beat Facebook at its own game with Google+; It aims to fill the gaps left open by its competitor. For instance, Circles, a feature on Google+ makes sharing realer. You can share different things with different people. You can also video chat with friends through the ‘Hang Out’ feature. Will Google+ finally manage to overtake Facebook? Here are a few points to indicate that this is possible:

    • Google+ is linked with other Google services: When you create a Google+ profile for your business, you are asked to link this with an existing business ‘Places’ page. Thus, you can increase the number of search results for your business and yet have the result under the Places listing. The Google+ icon is already integrated in all Google products, thereby allowing sharing things easily. This combination works wonders in terms of SEO.
    • You do not need Facebook type members to boost search results: When you have Google+ your search results on Google are likely to be affected more than through Facebook. Marketers know this and hence try the Google+ network to influence the content that comes up.
    • Safer: Privacy is a major complaint on Facebook, but with Google+ every update that you share is secured. You choose who see’s what.

    Despite these features, is Google + likely to take over Facebook? Here are some points that indicate that Google+ is more likely to be added to the long list of Google products, and it has a long time to go before it could be added to the list of killer social media sites.

    • The concept of Circles is odd: On Facebook when you sent a friend request to a person, it is up to him or her to decide if he/she wants to be friends with you. However, with Google, almost anyone can add you to his or her circle without needing your permission. Although they would be able to see only your public details, this would strike Facebook users to be odd.
    • Nothing very different from Facebook: Critics claim that there’s nothing really special and unique about Google+. It is a straightforward replica of its competitor.

    In Conclusion:

    While Google+ does stand a chance in terms of social media dominance, it is unlikely to do so in 2012. It still has a long way to go. But yes, it is possible.

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  • The Blazing Sunshine Outside

    Wow, for those of you who are currently sat in their back garden relaxing, how are you finding this glorious weather? That’s one of the benefits of online marketing and working online with websites. You can be anywhere in the world, sat outside, provided you can see your screen and there aren’t too many distractions.

    How much marketing have you done for your business in the past two weeks? Well how much?

    Recently I found a website that suggests if you don’t update your website at least once per week then Google will begin to disfavor your website above others. However, if you keep on top of it and continually do updates with new content etc. They guarantee that Google will consider your website to be important.

    But what’s your thoughts on this? Do you think Google is trying to force people to make updates to their sites otherwise they will punish you?

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  • Modern E-commerce: The Advantages

    E-commerce, as representing “electronic commerce”, takes advantage of electronic systems like the internet, or world wide web, in order to promote and sell products or services. Electronic commerce comprises almost everything from the purchase of digital goods, products such as eBooks and software that basically only exist on a computer, that can be consumed immediately by the purchaser, to more conventional types of services and physical goods.

    There are many significant advantages for a business to consider e-commerce. They include:

    • No Geographic Limitations
    • New Customers can be Gained Simply Through Search Engine Results
    • Considerably Lower Costs Involved in Marketing Goods and Services
    • Customers can Locate the Desired Product in a Shorter Period of Time
    • Customers can Save Money from Shopping Time and Travel Expenses
    • Customers can Easily Comparison Shop
    • A Customer can more Easily Take Advantage of Discounts, Coupons and other Deals
    • An Increased Amount of Product Information can be Made Available to Customers
    • Customer Information can More Easily be Attained
    • Businesses can Remain Open 24/7/365 – No Store Closing Time

    With an e-commerce web site, the entire world is in effect a prospective customer base. Customers located all across the globe simply have to type a reference to the product or service they are looking to buy into a search engine and, if a business’ e-commerce site shows up in the search results, there is a good probability that the prospective customer will follow the link to the e-commerce store.

    A business is bound to experience significantly reduced over-head when they become involved with e-commerce. Along with savings in advertising and marketing costs, there is a savings in that fewer employees are required to maintain an e-commerce business and the exorbitant cost of a prominent physical location for a store is not necessary.

    A big advantage for the e-commerce shopper is that the desired product or service can be located in a shorter period of time. There is no need for a physical shopping cart or to roam endless aisles in search what is wanted. There are no travel and time expenses incurred by the shopper. Shopping takes place from the comfort of their own home. Also, a prospective buyer can easily comparison shop by visiting several or more e-commerce businesses for the preferred product or service simply by employing a few clicks of a mouse. And since there are little to no costs involved for travel, or the limitations that can be experienced from the necessity of traveling to physical store locations, customers can more easily take advantage of discounts, coupons and other deals that may be available on multiple sites for multiple products.

    With regard to the gathering and distributing of information, e-commerce makes it possible for a business to easily collect customer information to expedite sales or for the purpose of follow-up. Further, an abundance of product information can be made available to the customer for their perusal where it would entail consuming a lot of employee time to deliver the same amount of information to the customer in a physical store.

    Probably one of the biggest advantages of a business engaging in electronic commerce is that there are no store closing hours. Prospective customers can shop online 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. This great search engine driven convenience leads to more sales and the e-commerce operator can reap the benefits simply by making his products or services available online.

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  • Why Customised Content Management Systems Are Better than Open Source

    Do you know what a Content Management System is? A customized content management system is a web application that allows users to modify the HTML and the content of a site in an easy and efficient manner. Content Management Systems have become more and more popular over the years due to speed, efficiency, and use of use. There are two different kinds of content management systems, customized content management systems and open source CMS. Many people are contemplating whether to use a customized CMS or an open source CMS. This article will explain why customized content management systems are superior to open source.

    So, what’s the difference between customized CMS and open source CMS? Custom developed CMS are built from ground up while open source is free software that is being constructed by a group of people. First, customized content manage systems allow you flexibility to meet your site’s needs. Building a custom content management system can ensure that your system can meet your specific site needs. Having a CMS tailored to your wants can really help a site reach its full potential.

    Now, open source content management systems like Drupal and WordPress are fine for a small blog or website. Most small business and website owners don’t have the time or money to invest heavily in their site. Both Drupal and WordPress are decent in terms of maintenance, plugins, and configuration. However, in the end both are just a bunch of pages, not too much more. They can’t handle specialized high performance sites. For example, WordPress would obviously not be able to handle a site like Facebook because Facebook need custom features.

    Building a custom CMS for a large website requires a large amount of work from the beginning. If you used Drupal or WordPress you would have to make a large amount of adjustments and fixes in order to get your website to work in the way you wanted. This process would take a lot of work and in the end you might even end up with the product you wanted.

    So you’re basically using and wasting a huge amount of money and time to modify software while instead you could be building a CMS that is custom built for your website’s wants and needs. Custom content management systems simply have better performance and extensibility than an open source and result in happier customers. I hope you enjoyed this article about why customized content management systems are better than open source.

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  • Benefits of Content Management Systems

    What are Content Management Systems (CMS)?

    CMS is the software used to update, delete, remove, and manage content on a website. This software permits the business owners to update the latest information about their products and services in their websites. This addition of relevant content on to the business websites helps to deliver information about the latest products and services to the visitors. Without this software, the business owners will be dependent on website designers to update the latest content.

    Benefits of Content Management Systems

    1. CMS is User-Friendly

    The CMS are very user-friendly as they are devoid of complex technical instructions. Using this easy to use software, users with fundamental computer skills can update or modify content. They just have to follow a few simple steps to update, edit, and manage content in the business website.

    2. Dependency on Website Designers is Reduced

    The online business owners need not be dependent on professional web designers to update the latest information. The business owners can themselves update the relevant information using this software.

    3. Greatly Improves Traffic to the Business Websites

    This software improves the traffic to the commercial websites by delivering all the latest information to the visitors. Delivery of new content on a regular basis attracts more visitors to the websites. This is especially true in the case of online stores, wherein visitors are seeking the latest arrivals enthusiastically. CMS, enables online stores to display the latest arrivals instantly, and draws more visitors.

    4. Leads to Increase in Business

    Since online businesses are dependent on visitors to their websites, an increase in traffic definitely leads to an increase in their clientele. Many of these casual visitors to their websites become regular customers and drive their businesses. This increases the profits of online businesses.

    Some of the common CMS are:

    * Drupal – General purpose

    * Symphony – General purpose

    * WordPress – Blogging

    * Pligg – Social networking

    * Joomla – General purpose

    To conclude, it can be said that CMS deliver value for money to online businesses. An assessment of your requirements will certainly help you to select the right software which fulfills all your needs.

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  • Why Good SEO Companies are Hard to Find

    SEO is the buzz word to all those looking to succeed in the world of online marketing. Only a good SEO professional can propel your website to rank high in search engines. But finding a good SEO company is easier said than done. Here are a few aspects where SEO companies fail to impress people:

    • Lack of Information: When looking for information on the internet, trust is the most important factor where you need to establish yourself. Most SEO companies fail in this aspect. More often than not, the contact page consists of a form the user will have to fill out, only to be contacted later. But if I am looking for information now, does it make sense to fill out a form and wait for a response? Is your job so secretive that you have to shy away from giving away details of your physical location and phone number? True, emails are a better way to communicate, but doesn’t it make sense to pick up the phone and assess your requirements than engage in a long conversation?
    • Lack of Past Performance: As earlier said, the online world is all about trust. When you deal with clients, you need to establish confidence. This can be done by talking about past performance and client testimonials. If your strategies are unique and you do not want to publicize them, you can at least mention names of clients.
    • Lack of Commitment to Give Weekly Reports: SEO companies often give promises for results that are impossible. For instance, I heard of a company that promises unlimited traffic for a fixed fee, but when it comes to commitment on regular reports, they seem to vanish into thin air. The success or failure of an SEO campaign depends on regular monitoring. Thus, updated reports are of utmost importance.

    Having given the reasons why some SEO companies fail to meet the mark, here are a few points to help you find a good SEO company:

    • Flexibility: Every campaign is unique and techniques to rank a website may differ according to the niche that is targeted. A company that says they have come up with proven strategies that will work immaterial of the niche is probably bluffing.
    • Does Not Guarantee Results: I know this sounds absurd because when you pay money you expect results, but truth be told, there can never be a guarantee that the efforts will pay. For instance, if you are looking to rank for a highly competitive keyword, the chances are less. But if you are looking to rank high for a medium or low competition keyword, your chances of success are very high. A professional company will not promise assured results but will surely come up with a tailor made solution that may work for you.
  • Deciding on an online marketing strategy

    Any serious business entrepreneurs that wish to expand their operations by marketing their products and services through the internet have to formulate a quality online marketing strategy. The formulation process can be extremely cumbersome, and time consuming especially if one is not equipped with information on how to do it right.

    Here are some of the considerations that need to be factored in during the formulation process.

    The target audience

    Understanding your target audience will help you develop a marketing strategy that is effective in increasing your sales. For example, if your products are hugely popular among the youth, the most recommendable online platform that you can use to market the product is social media.


    Competition is one of the market forces that are inevitable in any non-monopoly market. In order to compete effectively with other players in the same niche, one has to come up with a marketing strategy that is unique and more competitive. You may need to look at the marketing strategy being used by your competitors before choosing a particular strategy.


    This is by far one of the key aspects that you have to consider so as to avoid inconveniences. A marketing strategy is an investment just like any other hence there is the need to develop certain financial plans so as to avoid financial problems later. It is wise to formulate a budget that covers your estimated costs so as to avoid over expenditure. A financial analyst can help you formulate an accurate budget that will cushion your business from unexpected costs.

    One of the major benefits of online marketing is that it popularises businesses to the ever growing online community. However, in order to achieve the expected results, one has to deploy various reputation management tactics so as to ensure that the business image is not compromised.

    Online marketing is a sure way of elevating your business to the next level of success.

  • Advancements in Web Development

    Web development can consist of the work entailed in creating a simple page of plain text, or developing the most complex web-based applications, for a web site intended for the internet or an intranet. The internet is plainly the world wide web. An intranet is a private network, usually used locally within an individual business or industry. Web development, as it is commonly referred to by web professionals, includes writing markup and coding websites, as opposed to the page and layout design aspects of creating a web site.

    Web development has evolved into a booming industry on its own since the world wide web has become commercialized. This substantial growth is especially fueled by business operations that want to sell their products and services online. Yet, another contributing factor to the continued growth of the web development industry has been the creation of easy to use software for the purpose of web development. This software makes web development projects possible for virtually any individual who wants to put forth the initiative and program a web site. In addition to many easily understood tutorials available on the internet to learn LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP) for web site programming, free of charge, the more popular and commonly used software for individuals to use are:

    * Adobe Dreamweaver

    * WebDev

    * Microsoft Expression Studio

    The tools and technology for the creation of remarkably dynamic and interactive web sites that are accessible on the internet or on an intranet continues in a momentum toward advancement. Now, web developers can create applications and deliver them as web services that used to only be possible on desk based computers. These applications can be the result of the combined efforts of a large number of people, in such as the larger business organizations, or the product of a single webmaster. It involves client and server side coding and a knowledge of database technology.

    Basic Web Development

    Web developers usually have the following interdisciplinary knowledge and skills:

    * Graphic/Web Design

    * Information Architecture/Copywriting

    Graphic and Web design roles include the design and layout of the web page, while information architecture and copywriting refers to the actual information design with the consideration of be usable and accessible on the web, and search engine optimized.

    Advanced Web Development

    There are nearly a dozen advanced interdisciplinary skills and knowledge that more professional web developers should possess in addition to the basic interdisciplinaries, though these are not entirely necessary for an individual who is interested in creating a simple web application. These areas of expertise include:

    * Audio processing and encoding

    * Video processing and encoding

    * Animation processing and encoding

    * Graphic User Interface Design

    * Flash Capabilities

    * Web Site Security Analysis and Testing

    * Web Site Code Optimization

    * Project Management and other aspects of Information Technology Development

    Web Developers and Security

    Security is an important consideration for a web developer, whether it is the web development of a simple, single site application by a webmaster or a complex, dynamic and interactive site developed for the purpose of e-commerce. Ever-increasing are the numbers of unscrupulous parties whose internet objectives are malicious attacks of web sites to steal confidential and protected information such as passwords, email addresses and credit card numbers. Web developers should test their applications for security measures before making the sites publicly available. For example, contact and other forms in an application should include a captcha field, which cannot be filled in by a computer, to help prevent the application from be exploited.

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  • How social media has enriched the world of online marketing

    A recent report indicates that social media accounts for nearly one in every five minute spent on the internet, and it has a reach of more than 1.2 billion users. That’s almost about 82% of the world population! Needless to say, Facebook rules the roost with nearly 55 percent of the world population spending about 3 in every 4 minutes on this network. But what do these statistics mean to an average marketer? Simple! It means opportunities. If you are a marketer yourself, I’m sure you’d agree that we put our money where the trend is. Thus, is born the trend of social media and online marketing.

    But what is social media marketing:

    This involves the use of social media channels to persuade consumers to prefer a product or service over the other. People discuss, like, and even share information about your product or service. Within the social media circle, you aren’t really bothered about reaching the front page of the site. You are more concerned about establishing your influence, reputation and brand with potential customers, readers and supporters.

    Understanding the importance of the LIKE button:

    As earlier said, Facebook has reached gargantuan proportions. A few years ago ‘Like’ may have been attributed to an emotion, but now thanks to Facebook, it is a verb, an action word. Although introduced in 2009, this button has become the most visible aspect of every web page. If you like a product or service, simply click on the like button of the web page and the friends in your list know about it. If they like it, their friends get to know about it. The saga can be never ending.

    What are the benefits of using social media for marketing?

    • Branding: There isn’t a better way to brand your product in the online world than social media. A million likes or tweets may not directly fetch revenue, but they certainly brand you well.
    • Lead Generation: A leading cosmetic brand successfully penetrated into the Indian market through the use of social media. This brand was considered to be a high range brand, and thus wasn’t embraced among the rural population. The social media campaign needed people to register and get a free sample of the cosmetic. Gradually the number of people who opted for the free samples turned into steady customers, once they realized the worth of the product.
    • Announcing products and services: Rather than spending thousands of dollars on advertising, social media provides a platform to announce about the new product or service.

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  • Color Theory: The Meaning Of Color

    “Colors are the smiles of nature,” said Leigh Hunt, the 18th century British poet. Indeed colors manage to evoke strong emotions in us. They can be subjective as well; while some colors may cause a person to smile, the same color may cause a splitting headache in another. Culture also plays an crucial role in the acceptance of color. For instance, the Japanese see the color white as fortunate, but the Hindus in India consider it inauspicious to wear white clothes for ceremonies and functions.

    Color has influenced us a lot, especially when we chose to purchase things. In fact, a 2004 research conducted by the Secretariat of the Seoul International Color Expo determined that more than 92.6 per cent of people attributed their purchasing decisions to color, and 84.7 per cent people thought that the color of a product was a key factor when choosing a product. Thus, everyone from marketers to other professionals engaged in the visual arts find it helpful to know more about colors and their meanings.

    While reams of documents have been wasted to explain the concept of color theory, it all boils down to three basic categories of color theory; the color wheel, the color harmony, and the context in which they are used. While the color wheel refers to a circle based on red, yellow and blue, color harmony refers to the arrangement of these colors in a manner that is pleasing to the senses, and color context refers to the behavior of colors in relation to other colors and shapes. Using this theory students of visual arts learn how different colors affect individual people. Below is the meaning of colors and the manner in which they are positively used:

    Red: Needless to say, red is a warm color and is associated with fire, passion, violence and even love. In fact, Cupid’s heart is always red in color. It is also the color of anger. Red is the color of danger; that is perhaps why danger symbols are depicted in red. Students of the visual arts use Red to define power and passion. While brighter reds represent energy, darker shades of red, portray elegance and power. This color has different meanings in a different culture. Thus, while red is the color of the Hindu bride, it is a color of mourning in Africa.

    Green: Green can mean opposing influences. For instance, while it represents growth, beginning, renewal and abundance, it can also mean jealousy (hence the phrase green with envy). It has also become associated with the cause of the environment (go green).

    Blue: Blue represents strength in some cultures and hence baby boys are often associated with the color blue. The color is also associated with sadness in the English literature (feeling blue). Blue has religious connotations as well. For instance, the Virgin Mary is known to wear blue robes. Blue gives a sense of reliability.

    These are just some colors. A study of color therapy is sure to enlighten us. The underlying fact remains that some colors are used to reflect energy, passion, and positivity, cool colors are used to represent professionalism and calm.

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  • What is web marketing and why is it important

    Web Marketing is the process of promoting your web site and making it well known throughout the Internet. There are several different types of web marketing. The most important is submitting the site to search engines so that it is easily found by your potential customers when they do a search for goods and services that they require. However, most people often forget that there are other important ways to improve the profile of your business online. You need to create links from other sites, so that if someone is browsing for something similar to what you provide they may be able to link back to you. This could be in the form of advertisements, advertising articles, or links via forums or blogs. Your website will need to contain good quality content so that when search engines are looking at it they will find relevant and interesting topics to link from. You will need to make sure that anything you think potential customers will be looking for are mentioned in your pages.

    Companies are now taking advantage of the large number of people using social media sites such as Facebook. They will create a presence on these site visitors by competitions or give aways. These users will then recommend this to their friends and this will result in the product or service being advertised to a lot of people. Being able to attract lots of visitors to your advertisements on social networking sites is a skill that marketing companies are now learning a lot about.

    There are lots of potential areas on the Internet where you can be promoting your company. You can link from forums, blogs, chat rooms, banner advertisements on relevant sites, links from complementary industries and articles on news sites. If your competitors are taking advantage of all these potential advertising possibilities then you could find that you are losing a lot of potential customers to them.

    It should be becoming clear why web marketing is important and that it is well worth investing some money in improving the profile of your company on the Internet. There are many companies that specialize in this kind of work and will be able to help you to promote your business in an appropriate way. You will be able to discuss the amount of money that you think you should be spending and how best to use this on the Internet so that your company keeps its image and will be able to attract a large number of potential new visitors.

    So web marketing is an important way of building up the profile of your company and attracting new customers, as well as keeping your brand in the mind of your current customers. It will ensure that your web presence is attracting customers and your web site is getting as many visitors as possible. If you want to have a very successful web campaign then it is important that you consider as many different ways of marketing your company online as possible.

  • Verification is important in international marketing

    The huge success of e-commerce sites like eBay have led to a string of websites that thrive on gullible customers looking for cheap discounts and bargains. A typical fraud is when you buy a product, and it doesn’t arrive, or you a product that is absolutely different from what arrives on delivery. Of the several ways to identify if a site is genuine, is to check for the verification sticker on a site. There are several important reasons why verification is important in international marketing:

    • Establishing Confidence: E-tailing is all about building confidence in the minds of the buyers. A single breach of trust isn’t likely to hurt the buyer, as much as it hurts the reputation of the seller. A small doubt on the security the site can create a permanent scar on the customer’s mind about the site. There are several instances of companies losing business because of a small relapse of verification in international marketing.
    • Increased Profits: A recent report by Symantec has found that customers often skip sites that do not display the ‘Verified’ sticker. As an e-tailer, you can ill afford to lose precious clientele. All that it requires to establish his confidence is a sticker that claims that it has been verified by VISA, SSL or Google.

    Some popular seals used in verification in international marketing include:

    • SSL: SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a protocol created by Netscape and used to ensure transactions between servers and browsers. To use this seal websites are required to obtain an SSL Certification that is loaded in the browser. This gives you information about the owner of the certificate, e-mail address, owner’s name, duration of validity, resource location etc As earlier said your browser is loaded with the root certificate that is obtained from well known Certification Authorities that hold information on all including revoked certificates. The SSL protocol uses a third party CA to identify one and sometimes both end of the transaction.
    • VISA: Needless to say, VISA is a well-known electronic payment system. It aims to protect online transactions through Verified VISA. With Verified VISA, you have the protection that an extra layer of security is added to verify both parties to the transaction. There are several case studies that prove that verification by VISA has helped online businesses gain the trust and confidence of customers.

    When people check these certifications it assures them that they can trust the site and any transactions that will take place.